OPA Newsletter February 1980

New Series No. 37

February 1980




T. A. SUTTON, Esq.


C. J. Henry, Esq., Lachine, Byllan Road, River, Dover. (Kearsney 3764-Code 03047)


Rev. W. F. Kemp, 7 Burgate House, Burgate, Canterbury.


K. H. Ruffell, Esq., 15 Friars Way, Dover.


As a new editor I could announce my arrival by printing OLD PHAROSIANS' NEWSLETTER upside down or vertically. But I lay no claim to be a great original and I have been so impressed by the quality of this Newsletter in the hands of my predecessor, Mr. E. H. Baker that I can only hope to maintain his standards.

Ted Baker asked to be allowed to lay down the editorial pen because, after eleven years from 1968 to 1979, he found remote control from his home at Maidstone increasingly difficult.

He was a boy at the school from 1922 to 1930; School Secretary at Mr. Booth's elbow from 1930 to 1938; and President of this Association in 1967.

When he announced that he was handing over his work as editor, he rightly received a batch of letters thanking him for all he had done.

Some letters expressed doubts whether a new editor could offer the devotion and efficiency that had made possible the excellence of past Newsletters.

I certainly share and understand these doubts. I took on the job for two reasons.

I regard this Newsletter as the lifeline of the Association; and I wish to maintain my personal link with the school. I have reason to believe that many of you share this wish to hold on to that which is good; and that you will give me all the help you can to make this Newsletter lively, interesting and of service to Old Boys and the school.



And so we move on into the 1980's. For me it is now Forty Years On since I joined Dover County School—as it was then—in Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire during the years of wartime evacuation.

Since then the school has grown and seen many changes.

It is proving a great pleasure, during my year of office as President, to meet again so many of my contemporaries at the school, especially at the annual dinner in September which was well attended. I thank all officers of the Association and the staff at the school who made it such an enjoyable occasion.

During the last few months your Association's committee has been progressing the decision to erect a plaque in the school hall in memory of J. C. Booth, headmaster from January 1937 to 1959.

A fund has been opened and it occurred to me that many more Old Pharosians would like to be associated with the provision of a plaque of a suitably high standard. Treasurer of the fund is the Reverend Bill Kemp of 7 Burgate House, Canterbury. We all owe so much to the example of J.C.

Membership of the Association continues to increase and we could all play a part, each one of us, by recruiting an Old Boy to join the Old Pharosians. It's well worth the effort.

Terry Sutton (1940-1947)


Fortunately for this Association, Bill Kemp is continuing as Treasurer but his retirement from the living of Denton with Wootton and Swingfield on 30th November, 1979 and his removal to the Canterbury address at the head of this Newsletter provide an occasion for appreciation of his qualities.

On leaving school he joined local government service in Dover, moving to Hythe in 1935.

In 1938 he answered a call to the sacred ministry and, after training at St. Augustine's College, was ordained to a title at St. Peter's, Wolverhampton in 1940. He later worked in Croydon, Stoke on Trent and Lincolnshire before being appointed to Denton in 1964.

He was President of the Old Pharosians' Association in 1966. I remember that we met in committee in his Rectory at Denton when the need for a new Treasurer arose. Bill quietly observed, "I think that is something I could do".

In his retirement and removal to the Cathedral precincts, I feel sure he will often be in the Cathedral acting as a guide and host to visitors; and his love of cricket will take him to the St. Lawrence ground.

To him and to Mrs. Kemp we offer our best wishes and thanks.


I had the good fortune to meet him in the Cathedral on Christmas morning.


W. H. JACQUES, M.A. (1946-73)

Bill Jacques died suddenly on the 28th July 1979. He was then aged 71 years and he had been in School in the middle of the month, fit and thoroughly enjoying himself. The funeral service at River was well attended by many associated with the School and the Headmaster spoke in appreciation of Bill's qualities and service to the School.

Educated at Bablake School, Coventry and St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, Bill taught at several schools before coming to Dover in 1946 when the School was regaining momentum after the war. His teaching of Maths combined inspiration for the more able with patient care for the less gifted. He sat down and corrected books every day before he went home. He worked hard and expected the boys to do the same; no boy attempted any liberties in his class.

He looked after cricket and rugby teams. He expected boys to turn up for practice and to behave well at all times. A boy whose behaviour fell below Bill's expectations would receive the benefit of direct speech which left little room for doubt or misconception.

He was a very good Schoolmaster, always interested in the Old Boys.

To his wife, daughter and grandchildren we should like to say that we share the loss of a good man.



Amongst all the events acknowledging Ken Ruffell's services to the School, I was privileged to be present at the School on Wednesday evening 18th July. The Great Hall presented a festive sight when past and present members of the Staff and their ladies gathered to pay tribute. Tables were at the sides and guests' seats suitably labelled. Down the full centre length of the Hall tables were filled to overflowing. Food was in abundance and there was plenty to quench our thirst. It must have rivalled olden days in the Castle opposite.

Gordon King suitably spoke of 42 years loyal service and presented a Tantalus. Ken replied in jocular mood.

An evening lasting nearly four hours seemed to pass in a flash. It was a fitting tribute to a life's work and an occasion the like of which has not been seen before on Whinless Down and may never be repeated in these days of free-moving staff. All concerned, especially the ladies, in the success of the evening deserve our warmest thanks and heartiest congratulations.



"Pursuit of excellence" seemed to be the theme for the evening. Even the Nationa! Anthem becomes a bravura performance of excellence with organ, trumpeters, orchestra, choir and assembled company. The first movement of Beethoven's third Piano Concerto triumphantly introduced the Headmaster's account of examination successes, winning teams and wide-ranging activities, all helping to build self-confidence among the rising generation.

Raising £10,000 to supplement Kent's £5,000 with which to improve the school's teaching facilities is a creditable piece of excellent self-help, an achievement by the whole school community.

Mr. Christopher Jackson, European member of Parliament for S.E. Kent, told us about the European community, a safeguard against war and a furtherance of trade, with a combined intent to help the developing nations. We were told to be tough minded and tender hearted in our pursuit of excellence.

Prizewinners crossed the platform to receive cheerful greetings, from Mrs. Jackson; and we all sang "Fiat Lux" in excellent heart and voice.



You will be interested to hear that the legacy of £50 left to the School by Miss O. Rookwood is to be used to maintain the Rookwood Drama Prize in perpetuity. The money has been invested in 9½% British Savings Bonds which is the safest and best investment that we can find.

R. C. Colman, Headmaster.


The appeal to provide funds for improving teaching facilities in the Technical Department and elsewhere in the school has now reached its target of £10,000.

Contributions are still coming in and all money will be devoted to the objectives of the appeal, which will be closed on 31st March, 1980.

The Drawing Office above the Woodwork Shop is now built and in use. It is a splendid room and on Old Boys' day or other occasions anyone interested can see that money has been very well spent.



When a master has served for thirty years on the Staff, the Old Pharosians confer on him Honorary Life Membership.

Mr. E. C. Large has served from 1946 to 1979 and retired at Christmas.

Mr. B. W. Denham came in 1949 and Mr. R. H. Payne in 1950 and both are still teaching.


Payments made by school leavers.

Life Members:—

G. J. Tansley, 10 Redlands Court, London Road, River. A. C. Thomas, 26 Church Street, Walmer CT17 7RT.

Peter Wicks, 104 Sandwich Road, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3LX.

First annual payments of 50p each:—

Marcus Abbott, Beach House, Wellington Parade, Kingsdown.

Peter Barrett, 79 Alison Crescent, Whitfield CT16 3LP.

P. D. Bradbeer, 43 Archers Court Road, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3HS.

Andrew Bushby, 32 Cleveland Close, Dover.

M. A. Clark, The Lodge, Connaught Park, Dover.

John A. Clarke, 6 Marshall Avenue, Cheriton, Folkestone.

Robert Franks, 98 Middle Street, Deal CT14 6JW.

B. J. Gillham, 26 Buckland Avenue, Dover.

Nicholas Hayes, 42 Millais Road, Dover.

Brian Hodgson, 28 Leivers Road, Deal.

R. W. Hogben, Burghwallis, London Road, Sholden, Deal CT14 0AD.

James Kilmartin, 126 London Road, Deal.

M. Lindsay, 29 Danes Court, Dover.

M. Michael, 9 Davis Avenue, Deal.

C. M. Orme, 87 London Road, River.

Christopher Shaw, Chalk Hill, Kingsdown, Deal.

Paul Silk, 8 Devonshire Road, Dover.

Martin Stubbs, 34 Astley Avenue, Dover.

Mark Sullivan, Ty-Rhos, St. Monica's Court, Kingsdown.

Iain Thomas, 26 Church Street, Walmer, Deal.

Stephen Thompson, 7 Dorman Avenue, South, Aylesham, Nr. Canterbury.

K. Tolputt, 1 Lyndhurst Road, River.

A few boys joined the Association later and apologies are offered to them for omission from the above list.


Head master feels that boys leave informally without due recognition that an important stage in their lives has been reached.

He is considering a dinner or some other function for school-leavers in the summer term. The Parents' Association supports this intention and the Old Boys' Association can be actively involved.

Headmaster is arranging that Barclay's Bank will pay 50p, on behalf of every school leaver as his first subscription to the Association. Bankers' Orders can be signed if boys wish to use them.

No doubt, representatives of the Association can be present to assist in strengthening the bonds between school and Old Pharosians.

FROM THE ANNUAL REPORT of the Kent Schools Cricket Association, 1978

C. Penn (Dover Grammar) played for the South of England Schools at junior level when the South won the four-sided inter-region trophy for the first time. Penn played for England.

C. Penn took 7 for 54 against Sussex.

Under 16 side:—

Those who played included R. Robertson (Dover G.S.) in the match between Kent and London. Robertson took 5 for 34.

Kent Schools' Cricket Association, 1979

C. Penn was awarded a South of England cap. Playing for Kent Schools against London he shared in a record seventh wicket partnership (previously held by Alan Knott and Graham Johnson in 1951) which turned a lost cause into victory.


18th December 1979

This service was remarkable in that the music was conducted in turn by three senior boys who had overseen the final preparations in the absence of the musical director, injured in a car accident.

The standard was in no way diminished and the greatest credit is reflected on Adrian Boynton that his choir and his most able lieutenants could present such disciplined performances.

Music ranged from traditional congregational carols to a setting of .. Adam lay y'bounden" by a senior boy, a counter-tenor solo and singing by a chamber choir of boys and girls from the two grammar schools.

The familiar Christmas readings had been well prepared and displayed clarity with understanding, from a lower school boy with his well brushed fair head gleaming in the lights to the Head Prefect and Headmaster.

The Head Prefect is the son of an Old Boy. Terry Sutton, as President, read a lesson and there were many Old Boys in the congregation. If you are in Dover next December, do not miss the supreme pleasure of this occasion.



In memory of

J. C. BOOTH (M.A.Oxon)

Headmaster of this School 1937 to 1959

who by his Christian example led this school through war and peace

in Ebbw Vale and in Dover

In action faithful, and in honour clear;

Who broke no promise, serv'd no private end,

Who gain'd no title, and who lost no friend.

Alexander Pope


The above is the result of consultation between your committee and Mr. Booth's family.


A fair number of Old Pharosians gathered in the Staff Room (formerly the Library) to enjoy refreshment so kindly provided by the Headmaster before the formal A.G.M. commenced at 11 a.m. After the reading of the Minutes, the Rev. W. Kemp presented a most favourable statement of accounts. A fairly lengthy discussion took place regarding the J. C. Booth Memorial Plaque towards the cost of which Old Boys are requested to contribute. The expenditure is to be shared jointly by the School and the Old Boys. The Headmaster raised the question as to whether all Old Boys should be known as "Old Pharosians" but only those paying subscriptions to receive the Newsletter and to be members of the Association. The matter was referred to your Committee. Louis Watt (President) spoke of his visit to "Our Man" in Dublin (Robin Haydon). Colin Henry gave a brief report, was warmly thanked for his services, and stated his intention to retire at the next A.G.M. Terry Sutton (1940-47) was unanimously elected President for 1979/80; Derek Crouch (1941-48) was elected Vice-President; Colin Henry and William Kemp were re-elected without opposition as Secretary and Treasurer; S. Wenborn and M. Palmer were re-instated on the Committee; Ken Ruffell succeeds Ted Baker as Editor of the Newsletter; Ted was suitably thanked for his services and requested to fill the existing Committee vacancy for two years; M. Smith, B. Denham and R. Gabriel are the members of the Staff on the Committee. The Headmaster reported a balance of £1000 in the Jubilee Trust Fund and outlined the Organ repairs needed. The meeting concluded at about 12.30 p.m.

At 2.30 the Old Boys did combat with the School Soccer XI. It was an entertaining match for the first hour.

The School with the wind advantage in the first half maintained considerable pressure on the Old Boys and after the interval they lacked "puff" and carried too much weight so that they eventually went down 7-1 but not disgraced. Old Boys' XI: Steve Garlinge, Phi I Smith, Nigel Hopkinson, Chris King, Ian Blaskett, Mike Butcher, John Morgan, Kevin Kieley, Dave Palmer, Graham Hutchinson, Mick Palmer.

At 7 p.m. Old Boys of seven decades with their ladies and members of the Staff gathered in the Great Hall to partake of sherry, provided by the School, and to listen to musical items on the organ by Adrian Boynton which were greatly appreciated. There was ample time to chat to old friends we had not seen for many a year, before 81 sat down to an excellent meal which was a credit to the caterer and to Colin who also arranged the seating plan. After the President proposed the "Loyal Toast", George Curry, our distinguished visitor from the U.S.A. proposed "The Association". In reminiscent mood he spoke of the great debt of gratitude we all owe to the School for whatever we have made of our lives. The President replied, speaking of his joining the School at Ebbw Vale, and concluded with the toast "The School". The Headmaster replied and thanked the Old Boys for the support they have given to the School, particularly the Building Appeal Fund. He also spoke of the 42 years loyal service rendered to the School by Ken Ruffell and thanked Ted Baker for his services as Editor of the Newsletter. The President presented a cheque and gift to Ken, speaking of his experiences as one of Ken's pupils. In his reply, in nostalgic vein, Ken covered 42 years in 10 minutes, mainly by turning two pages of his notes together. George Curry, in making a presentation to Ted Baker, referred to his services to the School and the Association. Ted replied in his usual manner, without revealing too many dark secrets or bringing too many to order, and concluded by proposing "The Ladies" who so pleasingly graced our evening. We sang "Forty Years On" with gusto to organ accompaniment. Its restoration to the programme was much approved by the old-timers, and proved a moving experience to the youngsters as the Hall echoed to "The tramp of the twenty-two men". It was a memorable day which will long be stored in our mental archives, as will the memories revived by the old photos on view.



This continues to accrue interest on deposited funds and some covenants are still running their course.

The Old Pharosians' Committee has agreed to use these funds for work needed to preserve the school organ which was originally purchased for the school by the Old Boys.


We are glad to report that our former Secretary, Bernard Harrison, made a good recovery from a heart attack last summer.

"Doc" Hinton was staying in Dover during August when on a boating holiday.

Adrian Boynton, the School's Director of Music, gained the Archbishop of Canterbury's Diploma in Church Music. Recently he took the School Choir to sing in Guildford Cathedral and he conducted the B.B.C.

"Songs of Praise" broadcast from Charlton Church in September. We wish him a complete recovery from his car accident in December.

If you wish to renew contact with an Old Boy, drop a line to the Editor and he will do his utmost to assist.

The Annual Cricket Match on 14th July 1979 resulted in the time honoured draw. Old Boys 178 for 5 decl.

School 74 for 8. The Old Boys innings was dominated by Upton 71 n.o. He had two good stands with Lawrence 32 and Lambert 21 n.o. The School were always toiling when Gretton took 5 wickets and the wicketkeeper one catch. Old Boys:—Nadin, Davies, Lawrence, Upton, Booth, Blackman, Lambert, Gretton, Hayles, Pearson, Ruffell (Capt.).

The Annual Cricket Match with the School will be played on 12th July and the Soccer Match on 20th September, both commencing 2.30 p.m. If you wish to play, please contact the Editor.

Will members kindly note the new address of the Hon. Treasurer as shown in our heading on Page 1.

When arranging NEWS OF OLD BOYS in chronological sequence of decades no news was available of any who entered the school in the nineteen-thirties.


Before 1940

Lionel J. BACH (1923-27) died on 1st July 1979, aged 68 years. He joined the Royal Marines on leaving School and retired from the Army as a Captain to take up a career in banking and was manager of NatWest branches in Berkshire. He was at the London Meeting in 1978. His widow wrote "He was always so proud of his old school and, if ever we happened to be in the area, a look at the old school was a must."

Stanley BREEZE (1924-30) passed away on 19th June 1979, aged 63 years, at Northampton.

J. BUNYAN (1918-25) called at the School in July. He frequently flies to Galveston, Texas where he supervises a research project.

Frederick Pitt CLARK (1915-20) died on 12th June 1979, aged 74. On leaving School he joined the Dover Express and later worked in Fleet Street for many years.

Lord COCKFIELD, a minister of state at the Treasury, visited Dover in November to speak to the Chamber of Commerce about Government monetary policy. He went from Dover County School to the L.S.E. and then into the Inland Revenue. For a time his was finance Director for Boots but returned to the Civil Service as an expert in taxation and finance.

Gordon GRAEME (1928-33) writes that after joining the Royal Navy as a rating in 1937, he retired as an Officer in 1959. He has been a practising member of the Bar for nearly twenty years. In 1976 he visited Australia and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in the State of Victoria. He sits as a Deputy Circuit Judge and recently completed three weeks as a Judge of the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey). On 19th July 1978 he was the judge at the Crown Court in Dover Town Hall and said "as an Old Pharosian, it was a unique occasion". His brother, Robert, is chief of Pharos Insurance Brokers, Dover.

Sir C. JARRETT (1920-28) Chairman of Dover Harbour Board, was presented to H.M. The Queen Mother at Dover Castle on 1st August 1979 on her Installation as Constable of Dover Castle and Lord Warden of Cinque Ports.

Captain Edward J. H. KIRBY (1914-16) C.B.E., D.S.C., Royal Navy, died 25th July 1979, aged 78 years, at Folkestone. He was Asst. Director of Naval Ordnance 1954-56, and with Vickers Ltd. 1956-67.

John LePREVOST (1927-36) has now retired form" the Headship of St. Michael's School, Hereford, and lives at 81 Spenser Road, Herne Bay. It was a pleasure to meet again at the Dinner.

Alec (Trunky) LYONS (1925-33) has moved to 3 Chisnall Road, River. Deputy Head of Melbourne Primary School, Dover, he retired in July. A keen county cricket supporter, he was Captain of the O.P. Soccer XI in 1938.

Toby NEWING, 33 Cecil Road, Weston Super Mare, has suffered a stroke and is making a slow recovery.

Colin PADDOCK (1928-38) wrote from the Emirate, Saudi Arabia where he is adviser to the Emir. He ended his letter with a p.s.: "As one who spent his whole life competing directly with ex-public school boys, may I say what an excellent grounding I received at Dover County School, as it then was. Many thanks."

Sir W. R. HAYDON (1929-37) H.M. Ambassador to Dublin, appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in the New Year's Honours List. We offer our congratulations on this well deserved honour.

Eric PELHAM (1929-37) has gained the distinction of Chevalier dans l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole. For twenty-four years he has been Principal at Oaklands College, St. Albans and has forged links with a similar college in France. He has just retired and among the celebrations was a cricket match between staff and students.

J. M. SAUNDERS (1922-28) has written to say he hopes to visit the U.K. in 1980. He has moved to a bungalow at Unit 3, 41 Robinson Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia 3122.

F. D. SHEPPARD (1919-22) emigrated to New Zealand in 1923; in business 46 years (medical, pharmaceutical, dental supplies and, post-war, various agencies) retiring in 1974; N.Z. Army service 1940-45; M.B.E. 1944; appointed a Justice of the Peace for New Zealand 1955. Present address: Flat 2, 65 Holly Road, S1. Albans, Christchurch 1, NZ.

R. E. SMITH (1921-29) left school fifty years ago to be an apprentice at Ashford Railway works. He obtained a B.Sc.(Engineering) by part-time study and has just retired from a career in Technical Education.
He lives at Pen hope, Marden, Hereford HR1 3EN.

J. K. THOMPSON (1922-31) is making good progress after a complete hip replacement operation. He recalls meeting Leslie Taylor in the Congo and London.

John R. E. WHITE (1927-35) brother of Brigadier W. M. E. White, gives his new address as 25 Avon Close, Taunton, Somerset. He has retired from his work in Hong Kong and after a three-month world tour has eventually settled in this country.

C. B. WILSON, Flat 2, 10 Arlington Road, Eastbourne, now 75 years of age, writes "I never forget the school and have always been deeply grateful for the education in all aspects of life that I received there."

E. R. S WINTER (1927-31) a Kent University professor, fell to his death from a cliff in Madeira after being attacked by a swarm of wasps. He was well known as a field botanist but had spent most of his academic life as a physical and industrial chemist.


Dick BOLTON (1948-55) is a Lt.-Colonel on the Staff of the Supreme Commander Allied Powers Europe at Supreme Headquarters, Mons, near Brussels. While on a course in Bavaria he met Lt.-Colonel R. J. Jenkins of the Sherwood Foresters.

A. W. BRADLEY (1945-52) 9 Albert Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 5EA, is a Dean of the Law Faculty in Edinburgh University.

W. E. COLLARD (1941-47) is with Fords in Germany. He frequently visits Spain, Belgium and Ireland. He recalls "Young Ruffell—back from the War-making a most respectable cricket team for us".

Rev. John W. DILNOT (1948-56) who has been Vicar of Leeds, near Maidstone, is now Priest-in-Charge of Aldington, Bonnington and Bilsington. He seems to be working his way back home toward Dover and Deal.

Denis H. DOBLE (1948-55) writes from Lima, Peru, where he is Head of Chancery in the Embassy and was Charge d'Affaires for three months whilst the Ambassador was on leave. He says they had a sizable earth tremor 4.5 on the Richter scale. He met Chris Cowdrey who was Captain of a D. H. Robins touring team. His daughter, Kate Louise, was born in Peru on 23rd April.

W. H. GOODWIN (1934-39) now lives at Salterns, Cupernham Lane, Romsey, Hants.

Brian J. HARRIS (1942-49) died in July 1979, aged 48 years. He was a member of the Metropolitan Police 1951 to 1977 when he retired through ill-health.

Peter HEARN (1945-51) has been appointed Director of the R.A.F's physical education branch, holding the rank of Group Captain. From school days to university and R.A.F., Peter has always been a keen athlete, notably in the 400 metres hurdles. He was one of the pioneers of free-fall parachuting. He is married, has four children and lives at Abingdon.

R. G. SPEAR (1941-46) has returned to "The West" and now lives at The Linton, Apt 61, 1509 Sherbrook St. West, Montreal, Canada.

Graham BEST (1950-59) is Deputy Head at Elvington Primary School and plays full-back for the Dover 1st XV.

Michael DAVIDSON (1956-64) home at St. Margaret's from Montreal, attended the School Sports Day.

J. D. GARDNER (1954-62) Head Prefect in 1962 and distinguished games player, took his degree in Civil Engineering at. Q.M. College, London and is at present engaged in road construction in the North London area.

Walford JOHNSON (1950-58) lives at 12 Cloonanin Park, Coleraine, County Londonderry BT52 1RU.

Peter PIDDOCK (1953-60) has moved on from teaching to take up a fellowship and lectureship in computer education at Birmingham University.

Keith THOMPSON (1959-64) called at the School in July on a visit from Australia where he is a script writer and rec~ntly gained an award for his play "Gail".


W. T. BEER (1960-65) of 3 Jessop Road, Stevenage, Herts. is a member of the Institute of Engineers and Technicians, currently working for British Aerospace Dynamics Group.

Rev. David COLMAN (1961-69) appeared in a T.V. religious programme, "For all the family" on Sunday 9th December. His ministry is in Greenford, Middlesex.

Julian M. ELPHICK (1961-69) 85 Wood house Lane, Brighouse, West Yorks, teaches Physics at a school in that area.

Stuart FAGG (1965-72) an Associate of the Valuers Association, is a chartered surveyor working in the North of England. His brother Graham (1962-70) is a Doctor at a Swiss clinic.

Piers H. V. GARNER (1968-75) got an Upper Second degree in Law at Sheffield and is now living at Springfield, Mapperton Lane, Melplash, Bridport, Dorset.

G. GISBY (1965-72) obtained a B.Sc. at Leicester in 1977 and has now become a Doctor of Philosophy at City University, London. He is attending a year at Teacher Training College.

Dennis KEELER (1965-68) gave a lot of help with transport for the school's production of "Oliver".

Michael KEELER (1965-66) died on 8th September, suddenly at Dover, aged 29. He was a local builder's Planning Officer.

Tony PARSONS (1969-76) writing from an Israeli Kibbutz, describes the fascinations of a visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Richard J. PIERCE (1962-69) is a head of department in the London Office of the Public Prosecutor. He married in September 1979 and lives in Swanley.

Martin E. PUDDEFOOD (1963-68) had a tow-truck business in West Australia after serving in R.E.M.E. He was killed in a road accident in September 1979, aged 27 years.

M. WENBORN (1967-74) got a geography degree at Plymouth Polytechnic and is seeing the world in the service of Thompson Holidays. He mainly covers the area between the Alps and Tunisia but he has made journeys to such diverse places as Siberia and Sierra Leone. He has been promoted as a Senior Marketing Executive to programme holidays in North America.

1970 to the present

Simon JONES (1970-77) is in his finals year at Queen Mary College, London. In the autumn he will go to Avery Hill College of Education, after which he hopes to become a teacher of geography and P.E.

David THOMAS, at Hertford College, Oxford, is living life to the full, playing rugby and cricket and also rowing for the college. As part of his degree work he is investigating geomorphological conditions on the Island of Skye.

Recent school leavers have gained degrees at Universities and Polytechnics:—

W. Adams, Maths and Physics.

D. G. Aslett, History.

J. H. English, Geography.

P. Freethy, 1st class in Aero-Engineering.

C. Gill, 1st class in Banking and Finance.

T. Harris, Geography.

S. D. Hunnisett, 1st class in Physics.

D. A. Jenkins, Biochemistry.

M. T. Luff, Mathematics.

C. R. McCarthy, Public Administration.

D. V. Renouf, Biochemistry.

P. D. Sheasby, Geography.

P. K. Sweby, 1st class in Mathematics.

J. Wann, Geography.

G. L. Wilson, Computer Science.


March 6th, 7th and 8th—School production of "Macbeth". Tickets, priced £1 and 60p, are obtainable from the School Secretary.

March 14th—O.P. Committee meets at School at 7.30. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE from 13th to 14th.

March 19th—Old Boys v. School rugby match, 4 p.m.

The May Ball is usually on the third Saturday in May. Please write to the School Secretary.

July 12th—Old Boys v. School cricket match, 2.30 p.m.

September 20th—Old Boys Day. Further details in the July Newsletter. Old Boys v. School soccer match, 2.30 p.m.

Anyone wishing to play in the rugby, cricket or soccer matches can write to the Editor of this Newsletter.

Names of those who attended the Annual Dinner in the School Hall on 15th September, 1979.
Old Boys:
C. Bailey (41-48). G. Bailey (43-50). E. H. Baker (22-30). T. Beer (42-49). J. C. G. Binfield (51-58). J. R. Booth (48-56). P. Burville (46-51). J. Bushell (27-34). D. F. Crouch (41-48). G. G. Curry (27-36). R. Eade (55-63). G. V. Graeme (28-33). D. Grinsted (14-23). C. Henry (45-49). J. V. Horne (21-27). B. Howard (3038). Rev. W. Kemp (23-30). J. Le Prevost (27-36). P. Marsh (41-48). W. T. Moore (21-26). J. Morecroft (1822). D. A. Saker (47-51). M. G. Sayers (39-42). M. J. Sharp (50-55). R. Thorp (53-61). A Tolputt (34-40). T. Sutton (40-47). G. L. Watt (28-39). A. D. Webber (42-50). S. Wenborn (28-36). F. G. West-Oran (26-33). R. Winter (34-41). And thirty-four ladies including Mrs. J. C. Booth and Mrs. R. C. Colman.

Present School Staff:

Headmaster R. C. Colman. Deputy Head N. A. Slater. J. W. Bird. A. Boynton. B. W. Denham. Mrs. J. Golding. R. Payne. M. H. Smith.

Past School Staff:

A. E. Coulson. F. L. Kendall. W. G. King. K. H. Ruffell.