OPA Newsletter July 1968

New Series No. 14

July 1968



President: E. H. BAKER, Esq.

H. R. SLATER, Meadow Cottage, Sandwich Rd., Whitfield, Dover

Tel. Kearsney 2033


The Presidential Chair was a height to which I neither aspired and for which I never expected to be considered. What could I a plain grey of ordinary life offer to the success of the Association?
I was informed that all that would be required was attendance at one or two essential functions. Life has been far different.

During this past year I have been privileged to attend again many functions of which I shall retain lasting and happy memories.
They have included Guest Evening, an enjoyable and entertaining School Play, the Spring Fair, the impressive and imaginative School Service at St. Mary's, the Annual Ball and the School Sports. I was saddened by the meagre attendance in 1967 at the Annual Old Boys' Cricket and Football Matches, but this year your Committee hope they have taken measures to remedy this failing. Information is given in this News Letter regarding the full programme on the 28th September. Your support is needed to make the day a bumper success.

The past year has enabled me to keep in closer contact with Old Friends and I am sure you will all be delighted to know that Miss Rookwood and Norman Sutton are recovering after sojourns in hospital.

It has given pleasure to see the progress of Denis Weaver, Maurice Sayers and Bernard Harrison. It is only right that Old Boys should play a full part in the civic life of the Town.

The success of our Association requires on one side the undiluted support of all Old Boys who have a lively interest in the School, and on the other side tangible evidence that the School is interested in its former pupils.

To keep the wheels ticking is not sufficient. 1969 is the Golden Jubilee of the Association. Resolve now that you will make this the year in which you give the School and our Association your active support. Decide that you have something to give and you will learn that others find in you a precious perfume whose sweet odour blesses their lives. The Jar on your Shelf is what the School and the Association need for success. See that they receive it.



I am sure it was with very real regret that all Old Pharosians heard the news that Dr. Hinton was leaving the School, although we would all wish to congratulate him on another step forward in his profession. His Headmastership has been of short duration but none the less it has had a momentous impact on the School. His drive and planning have created a lasting impression. Dr. Hinton's years at the helm have not been easy, with numbers increasing faster than accommodation and the proposals for the re-organisation of education requiring constant thought. His contribution to the cultural life of the town and neighbourhood together with his lively interest in fostering a spirit of help to others among the young people will be long remembered.

There will be occasions when others will express more adequately their appreciation, but it is with all sincerity that Old Pharosians say" Bon Voyage" and "Au Revoir" for we look forward to his continued interest in our affairs and he will always be a welcomed guest at our functions.


Saturday, 28th September, 1968

3.00 p.m. Old Boys' Soccer Match.
5.00 p.m. Tea in School Dining Room.
6.00 p.m. Bar opens in the Hall.
6.15 p.m. Annual General Meeting in the School Hall.
7.30 p.m. Annual Dinner.
10.30 p.m. Bar will close.

1. Read the notice convening the meeting.
2. Minutes.
3. Matters arising.
4. Treasurer's Report.
5. Secretary's Report.
6. Election of Officers.
7. Any other business.

As requested by the last AG.M. your Committee have considered the question of the subscription and recommend that there shall be no change at present. The Articles of Association state that members' privileges shall" include the right to receive copies of the Pharos as issued". It is not stated that the cost of the copies is included in the subscription and your Committee recommend that all future copies supplied to members on request shall be charged at an economic price including postal charges.

In order to strengthen and maintain the ties between the Staff and the Association, with the approval of the Committee, the President will ~ove the following amendment to the Articles of


Association at the next AG.M. "(i) All Headmasters of the School and (ii) all members of the Staff who complete thirty years service at the School shall be Honorary Life Members of the Association. This amendment to be retrospective".

The cost of the Annual Dinner will be one guinea. Dress is informal. Reservations to H. R. Slater, Meadow Cottage, Sandwich Road, Whitfield, Dover (Kearsney 2033) by Thursday, 26th September.
HAROLD R. SLATER, Hon. Secretary.


The Trustees report that by 31st March, 1968 the total of donations received and the gross value of promises under 7-year covenants had reached £1,150. This is a good start, but there is a long way to go before their £5,000 target is attained.

Meanwhile, five guineas, representing interest accrued on actual receipts to 31st March is being handed to the Headmaster for use at his own discretion.

Any Old Pharosian who would like further information regarding the Trust or its activities is invited to apply to the Hon.
Secretary. He is Mr. E. W. Pudney, F.c.A, of 36 Crabble Road, River, Dover.


In March, 1950 a Freemason's Lodge for Old Pharosians, with the Revd. L. W. C. Langley, B.Sc., as the first Master, was consecrated at the School by Lord Cornwallis.

Meetings are held on the third Saturday in October, November, January, February and March (Installation). The Principal Officers for 1968 are J. R. Moorcroft (1937-1947), G. E. Bone, M.Sc. (19311936) and W. P. Jeffery (1917-1921).

Further information will gladly be provided by the Secretary, N. Moorcroft (1915-1920),11 Kings Road, Dover.


Three years may not be enough to establish a tradition, but they serve well enough to make a point. There is no doubt that the May Ball has sufficient appeal to be an occasion both viable and enjoyable. This year, over 200 people crowded into a sufficiently warmed Assembly Hall. They admired the circus decor - Trudy Friend's huge cartoons were rivalled only by the vivid costumes of the doormen-and delighted in the gyrations of two of the school's trampolinists (is that the word ?); they ate and drank well; and they danced with increasing abandon as the night wore on. One suspects they will all come again.


There were parents in plenty, staff in abundance, and (a pleasing innovation) a group of 6th formers with the most ravishing of partners. Our President beamed upon us, committee members toiled hard (special thanks here to the unwearying Ted Maynard and that prince of bar-tenders David Gunn); but old boys as a whole were conspicuous by their absence. It was a pity; but the loss was theirs.


The School Play. The Long, The Short and The Talion Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12th, 13th and 14th December. TIckets can be obtained from Mr. W. G. King at the School.


Only a few days after his election as Mayor of Abingdon, LESLIE STEGGLES appeared in full regalia in Dover to attend the reconsecration of St. Edmund's Chapel. The saint was born in Abingdon so it was very appropriate for a Dovorian mayor of Abingdon to represent his adopted townsfolk at the ceremony.

BERNARD HARRISON and DENIS WEAVER joined Alderman J. E. C. BuSHELL as Old Pharosian representatives on Dover Town Council in the recent elections. They are both serving the ratepayers on the Public Service, Housing and Finance Committees.
Bernard has just been appointed a manager of Powell and Melbourne Primary Schools.

MAURICE SAYERS is this year's President of Dover Incorporated Chamber of Commerce and is much occupied in encouraging French and Belgian people to shop in Dover on day trips. These inhabitants of the Common Market are very conscious of the cheapness of our goods and succumb readily (political upheavals allowing) to Maurice's publicity. .


Brown, W. P. R. (1946-1951). He left school in 1951, and was employed at the Head Office of I. & R. Morley Ltd., London, until volunteering for the Regular Army, in May, 1953. He joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, and after six months initial service in the United Kingdom, he was transferred to the Middle East where he saw service in the Canal Zone from January, 1954 until November, 1955, and Cyprus from the latter date until January, 1957. He returned from the Middle East and was posted to H.Q. B.AO.R. where he remained for 4! years, doing statistical work until August, 1961. He has now attained the rank of Staff Sergeant, and is now serving with a unit in Malaya.

Brockman, P. W. (1947-1954). On leaving school, he underwent two years National Service in the RAF. He then went to the


College of St. Mark and St. John, Chelsea. In 1959, he took up a post as a French master at Fairlop Boys' School, llford. He left this school in 1961 to become an English master at Castlemount School, Dover, a post which he now holds. In 1958, he obtained his teachers certificate; in 1959, his RA General (London), and also in 1959, his F.RG.S.

Bradley, D. A. (1945-1950). When he left school in 1950, he underwent his National Service in the Royal Artillery, and attained the rank of sergeant engaged in the Personnel Section. At present, he is employed as a Distribution Superintendent with J. Lyons & Co. Ltd., Cadby Hall. He is married with one son.

Allright, R. J. (1948-1953). He became an Electrical Fitter Apprentice at H.M. Dockyard, Chatham in 1954, and remained there until 1958. He took his O.N.c. in Electrical Engineering at the Medway College of Technology; and later he joined the Royal Navy as an Electrical Artificer, and at present he is serving in H.M.S. Belfast in the Far East.

Back, R. A. (1949-1955). In 1955, he took up a post as a Junior Clerk in the Borough of Dover Town Clerk's Department.
In 1957, he underwent National Service in the RAF., and on completion of this in 1959, he took up a post as a General Clerk in the Borough of Dover Town Clerk's Department, where he stayed for one year before becoming a Committee Clerk in the Borough of Aylesbury Town Clerk's Department.

Ewer, P. G. H. (1932-1938). He spent three years in the Home Office before joining the Royal Navy in 1941. On demobilisation in 1946, he held the rank of Lieutenant R.N.V.R. He returned to the Home Office, and in 1948 joined the Ministry of National Insurance, where he is working at present in the Headquarters, with a rank of Senior Executive Officer.

White, W. M. E. (1927-1935). In 1963, he was appointed aide-de-camp to the Queen, taking up his new post on 20th May, 1963. In 1966, he received the C.B.E.

Callanan, J. A. (1927-1933). On leaving school, he went to St. Joseph's College, Sussex, where he remained until 1935. He then spent six years at St. John's Seminary, after which he was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest. He then went to Benet Hall, Oxford, where he received an M.A Degree in History in 1944. The following twelve years he spent on the staff of St. Joseph's College, until 1956, when he went to Bishop's House, London, where he is at present.

Butler, J. D. G. (1940-1947). He underwent his two years National Service with the R.AS.C. on leaving school, after which he became a Wages Clerk with the South East Kent Hospital Management Committee, Folkestone, where he remained until 1954.
He then became the Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths and


Marriages for the Ashford and Folkestone Districts. In 1950, he took up the post of Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages at Tunbridge Wells. He was married in 1953, and has two daughters.

Boddle, B. F. J. (1949-1954). On leaving school in 1954, he studied for three months pre-sea training at the King Edward VII Nautical College. The following March saw him sailing as a Deck Apprentice with London and Overseas Freighters Ltd. After four years, he sat and passed his 2nd Mate's Certificate, and soon afterwards was employed by Townsend Ferries, as 3rd Officer. In November, 1959, he joined the Union Castle Mail S.S. Co. Ltd. as a Deck Officer, and has been with them ever since.

Bmton, H. (1955-1960). On leaving school, he worked as a Kitchen Assistant with the Queens Hotel, Deal, and later became the General Assistant at the Richwood Hotel, London. Soon after this, he left to take up a post as Storeman at Charlton Towers Hotel, Knightsbridge; and later he became the Assistant Manager at Leinster Court Hotel, Hyde Park. At present, he is studying for the Hotel and Catering Institute Intermediate Membership.

Balley, K. T. (1938-1945). He is now teaching at Sheerness Technical School, and has passed his exam for the Associateship of the Royal Institute of Chemists.

Atwood, J. (1934-1937). For the past twenty years, he has been a preacher with a local Methodist Church. He is the Joint Secretary of the Old Cotharnians Association. He is married with two children.

Burton, T. H. (1918-1919). In 1919, he was transferred to Devonport High School, which he left in 1927 to become a Roman Catholic Missionary Overseas. On getting married, he returned home, and our latest in formation is that he is teaching at Epsom College.
Bradley, A. W. S. has just been appointed Professor of Constitutional Law at Edinburgh University. For several years he has been lecturing in law at Cambridge University, and is a Fellow of Trinity Hall. He returned last September from Tanzania where he had spent a year lecturing at Dar-es-Salaam University. He is married and has three children and another due in September.


If you would like a copy of The Pharos for 1968, please write your name and address below and send the slip to the Secretary.


I would like a copy of the 1968 Pharos.

Name ...................................................................................................................".............

Address ..........................................................................................".................................



OLD PHAROSIANS: LIST OF LIFE MEMBERS The Secretary would be grateful if any inaccuracies are brought to his notice.

D. N. ADAMS, 45 Napier Road, Dover L. H. R. ABBOTI, 61 Coal Way Road, Wolverhampton ¥. J. ALCOCK, 28 Forth Road, Upminsler, Essex G. C. AUSTIN, 8 Labernum Close, Kearsney A. J. AVERY, B.F.E.S. School, Cologne, B.F.P.O. 19 G. W. A YERS, 63 Barton Road, Dover L. J. BACK, Pegsboro, Green Lane, Pangbourne, Berks.
C. C. BAILEY, 41 Crabble Lane, River E. H. BAKER, 24 Downs Road, Penenden Heath, Maidstone E. C. ¥. BERRY, 28 Archers Court Road, Whitfield A. W. W. BLACKMAN, 3 The Ridgeway, Dover R. BOULTON, clo 23 The Gateway, Dover R. G. BORTHWICK, 19 Herrington Road, Dorchester A. W. BRADLEY, 76 Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge D. A. BRADLEY, 12 Maylands Drive, Uxbridge ' A. A. BRETI, 113 Crofton Road, Orpington W. P. R. BROWNE, clo Midland Bank, 4 High Street, Ledbury, Hereford S. J. CALLIS, 35 The Marina, Deal ¥. E. CARR, 14 Winchelsea Terrace, Dover E. W. CASTLE, 48 Hilltop Road, Early, Reading R. F. CONSTABLE, clo 19 Valley Road, Dover J. M. COOPER, 17 Coombe Valley Road, Dover J. P. COOPER, 455 Folkestone Road, Dover P. J. CROUCH, Aryx House, Mann's Hill, Bossingham, Canterbury B. G. CRUSH, Long Robin, East Langdon, Dover G. DAMPIER, 6 Archers Court Road, Whitfield E. J. DANE, 87 Barton Road, Dover J. S. DARBY, Halfmoon Cott., Hollybush Close, Welwyn, Herts.
C. J. DAVISON, clo 38 Warwick Road, Canterbury

E. J. MA YNARD, 1 Woodland Close, River Rt. Rev. E. A. J. MERCER, Trafford House, Queens Park, Chester P. F. MERCER, 118 Manor Road, Dover R. J. MITCHELL, 4 Dorset Gardens, Walmer W. T. MOORE, 76 Westholme Road, Ipswich J. MOORECROFT, clo 11 Kings Road, Dover A. J. MUNDA Y, 6 The Terrace, Shepherdswell C. H. McCONNELL, 6 Dorset Crescent, Harrogate M. G. McDONNELL, 130 Flight, RAF. Selaton, clo G.P.O.
Singapore S. T. NEWING, 23 Woodstock Road, Redland Green, Bristol 6 D. H. NEWING, 38 Southwall Road, Deal C. P. O'BRIEN, Osbert Cottage, Market Street, Bognor Regis P. A. O'DONO¥ AN, 8 Attlee Avenue, Aylesham R. I. OXFORD, 20 Chichester Road, Sandgate, Folkestone J. D. PATRICK, 24 Newcombe Road, Holcombe Brook, Bury A. K. PERKINS, 84 Oswald Road, Dover L. R. PHILLIPS, 29 Hillsborough Road, Bognor Regis D. R. E. PHILPOTT, 9 The Ridgeway, Dovercourt, Essex P. E. PHILPOTI, 3 Church Hill, Shepherdswell G. R. PLATER, 19 Coxhill Gardens, Dover R. J. POND, The Archer, Whitfield ¥. A. PUTIICK, 112 Lewisham Road, Dover F. QUINNEL, 19 Eaton Road, Sidcup W. J. RATCLIFFE, 17 Risebridge Road, Gidea Park, Romford A. S. RA TCLIFF, Beart House, Luckhurst Road, Dover F. J. RHODES, 52 Lower Road, Dover A. RHODES, 62 Deanwood Road, Dover B. A. RIGDEN, 59 Maidavale Crescent, Coventry S. D. RILEY, 22 Cannon Street, Dover

R. J. DILNOT, Ramblers Rise, Vyne Road, Sherbome St. John, Basingstoke T. R. DIXON, Ashburnham, Green Lane, Temple Ewell A. S. EEKHOUT, 122 Manor Road, Dover Rev. R. EFEMY, The Vicarage, King Street, Dudley P. G. H. EWER,S Rusper Road, Horsham R. W. FANCOURT, St. Hilarian, Portland Avenue, Exmouth D. W. FLEMING, 507 Folkestone Road, Dover F. J. FRIEND, 26 Balfour Road, Dover D. A. GIBB, 76 Cheshire Gardens, Chessington, Surrey M. G. GIBB, 31 Cross Lane West, Gravesend A. GODFREY, 282 London Road, Dover T.1. GOODFELLOW, 181 Elms Vale Road, Dover W. H. GOODWIN, 25 Mayplace Road, East Bamehurst, Kent D. GRINSTED, 137 Buckland Avenue, Dover S. E. HAMMOND, 18 Lome Road, Dover C. J. HARMAN, 68 Ashford Road, Bearsted, Maidstone B. A. HARRISON, 87 Lewisham Road, Dover Dr. C. A. HART, The Old Greyhound, Akeley, Buckingham A. J. HA YDEN, 79 The Drive, Tonbridge M. F. HENDY, 10 Deanwood Road, Dover C. J. HENRY, Lachine, Byllan Road, Dover R. E. B. HICK MAN, 115 Langley Road, Slough, Bucks.
P. HILL, clo Barclays Bank Ltd., Blackbum R. HILL, Capel Club Caravan Site, Capel-le-Feme Folkestone (Temporary) L. C. HOGBEN, 28 Malmains Road, Dover B. A. HOW ARD, 5 River Drive, Dover R. HUMPHREY, Ty Gwent, Ashley Rd., Thames Ditton, Surrey S. D. IGGLESDEN, 22 Park Road, Kearsney I. C. JARVIE, 36 Penywem Road, London, S.W.5 E. F. JOHNSON; 185 Dartmouth Road, London, S.E.26 A. E. JUDGE, 115 College Road, Deal Rev. W. F. KEMP, The Rectory, Denton, Canterbury A. R. KYLE, The Larches, Tiverton, Devon D. J. LANGLEY, Unknown-help wanted A. W. LYONS, 55 London Road, River J. J. LYON, clo Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.l M. G. LEWIS, 22 Balfour Road, Dover D. J. MARSH, 27 St. Radigunds Road, Dover F. C. MASTERS, 43 Yew Tree Drive, Blackbum

P. E. ROBINSON, 1 Park Avenue, Deal E. J. ROGERS, 5 Park Road, Kearsney J. RUSSELL, 55 Ormonde Road, Whitham, Essex R. RUSSELL, 16 Beauxfield, Whitfield G. RUSSELL, 123 Crabble Hill, Dover M. G. SA YERS, Box Cottage, Slip Lane, Alkham D. C. SHARP, Three Gables, New Road Hill, Midgeham, Reading .
P. A. SLATER, 55 Minnis Lane, Dover R. E. S. SMITH, clo Westminster Bank, Loughton, Essex R. J. SPOONER, 26 Weardale Avenue, Darenth, Dartford M. S. STAND RING, 3 Florence Court, 22 Florence Road, Brighton 6 .
H, A. STANWAY, 199 London Road, Dover G. A. STOURTON, 21 Lennox Road, Gravesend R. F. SUMMERS, Merrymead, Woodside Close, Kearsney Rev. L. J. TAYLOR, clo Barclays Bank, Market Square, Dover H. J. W. TERRY, 405 Sutton Road, Maidstone A. A. TOLPUTT, 22 Crabble Close, Dover G. TUTTHILL, 75 Barton Road, Dover T. J. V ARDON, 25 Target Firs, Temple Ewell 1. C. WADE, Maranatha, Bosney Banks, Lydden A. F. WATKINS, 338 Lords Wood Road, Chatham G. L. WATT, 30 Hartham Road, London, N.7 D. G. WEAVER, 133 London Road, Kearsney F. H. WEBB, Moir House, King Street, Langharne, Camarthen L. G. WEBSTER, 53 Church Road, Dover M. C. L. WEBSTER, 53 Church Road, Dover D. R. WELLARD, 28 Cooks Lea, Eastry, Sandwich R. J. WEST, clo 195 New Dover Road, Capel-Ie-Feme C. B. WESTMENCOTT, clo Midland Bank, High Street, Deal J. R. E. WHITE, 26 Poulden Court, Jalan Kayu, Sin,gapore 28 L. W. T. WILKINSON, clo National Prov. Bank, Buckland, Dover L. G. WILLCOX, clo Midland Bank, Abingdon, Berks.
A. P. WILLIAMS, 61, Valley Road, Dover C. B. WILSON, clo National Provincial Bank, High St., Deal M. C. WILSON, 9 Laveridge Road, Mottingham, London, S.E.9 R. C. WILSON, 2 Grange Close, Exmouth R. W. WINTER, 107 Elms Vale Road, Dover