OPA Newsletter July 1974

New Series No. 26

July 1974



President: D. A. Gibb, Esq.

B. A. Harrison, Esq., 87 Lewisham Road, Dover (Kearsney 3066)

Rev. W. F. Kemp, The Rectory, Denton, Canterbury

E. H. Baker, Esq., 24 Downs Road, Maidstone ME14 2JN


The Annual General Meeting of the Old Pharosians' Association will be held at the DOVER STAGE HOTEL on Saturday, I 28th September, 1974, at 7.00 p.m.


  1. To read the notice convening the Meeting.
  2. To receive apologies.
  3. To read the Minutes of the previous A.G.M.
  4. To consider matters arising.
  5. To receive Treasurer's report.
  6. To receive Secretary's report.
  7. To elect Officers and Committee for 1974-75.
  8. Any other business.

Bernard Harrison,

Hon. Secretary.


Since variety is generally acknowledged to be the spice of life, your committee has decided that this year's re-union will take the form of a buffet dance. Not only are your wives invited, but also your friends. However, be warned——tickets are limited to 120 and early application is advised.

The event will be held in the private ballroom of the Dover Stage Hotel and equally important, in the private bar. Dress, as usual will be lounge suits (for the men anyway!) and tickets at £1.50 each are available from me by application on the enclosed slip.

The programme for the evening is as follows:—
6.15 p.m. Bar opens.
7.00 p.m. Annual General Meeting in the Ballroom.
8.00-11.45 p.m. Buffet, chat and dancing to the Lawrie Thatcher Trio.

Bernard Harrison.

B.Sc.(Econ)., B.Com., London Univ. Diploma

Gordon King, the last member of the present School Staff appointed by Mr. Whitehouse retires from the permanent staff in July, 1974. He came to the School in September, 1934 from Thetford Grammar School to take charge of VI Commerce. In post-war years he has been Head of the Dept. of Economics and has also taught German. Sociology and Economic History. His students have obtained appointments in all departments of business life and his book The Livelihood of Man is a standard work in many schools. He has been House Master of Frith (Buckland). and has often taken School parties abroad. He has taken an active interest in the Rugby XVs, the Debating and Phoenix Societies. He has always expressed his opinions clearly and vigorously. and for many years was Chairman of the Dover Liberal Party. A loyal supporter of our Association. we wish many happy years. although we understand it is only semi-retirement and he will still be found on odd days at the School he has loved and served so faithfully for "Forty Years On".



Saturday, 4th May, 1974 saw the fulfilment of what must have been the "Dream" of Messrs. H. J. Taylor, S. F. Willis and K. Best extending over nearly 70 years. The addition of a Music Room and Biology Laboratory by the K.E.C. follows the raising of £2000 by the School, Parents and Old Boys. The audience comprising Governors, past and present Staff, Parents, Old Pharosians, local Headmasters and friends of the School, was very appreciative of the varied programme provided by the School Orchestra and Choir under the baton of Mr. Best, and the Solo items by Old Boys, many of whom had travelled from a distance to assit. Soloists were:—Peter Relf (1955-63) Piano; Alan Smith (1963-70) Recorder; Mark Ems (1965-72) Violin; David Johnson (1957-65) Clarinet; Peter Wheeler (1963-71) Baritone; John Newman (1959-64) Guitar; Graham Catt—Piano; William Fittall (1964-72) Organ; Geoffrey Horton (1966-71) French Horn. Alan Smith. who is joining the Staff in September to teach Music and English, specially composed the" Two Easter Dances" played by William Fittall.


MAURICE GIBB (1927-33)

To our President we convey our sincere sympathy on the sudden death of his brother on the 23rd March, 1974. Maurice joined the K.E.C. District Office on leaving School. From 1939-41 he joined the Probation Service and from 1941-49 the Youth Service in London. After an appointment at the Gravesend Youth Employment Office he became Vice-Principal of the Youth Employment Careers College. Swanley. His pleasing personality well fitted him for his career in the services dealing with young people. We will miss him at our functions.


Mrs. Bailey, School Secretary for 28 years, retired on the 30th April, 1974. At a farewell party Gordon King wished her good health and a happy retirement. Presentations were made from the School, Parents and O.Ps.

The School Governors continue to press for safety improvements to the School access from Noah's Ark Road.

Will members please inform the Hon. Sec. of any change of postal address particularly following the recent revision of county boundaries.

The Committee wish to thank O.Ps who have sent a contribution to the funds towards increased costs of producing and despatching of the Newsletter.

The Archbishop of Canterbury inducted the Rev. J. Dilnot to the living of Leeds and Broomfield in the Deanery of Sutton Valence, Kent on the 26th January, 1974.

In deep mid-winter it was reported that a Bishop and his lady in the West country were hitch-hiking owing to mechanical failure of their car.

Can you help to trace C. B. Westmancott (1953-54) lately employed at the Midland Bank. Dorking. Also J. Cooper (1960-67).

The Headmaster hopes that the next issue of the Pharos will appear in September, 1974.

School Guest Evening is on Friday, 15th November, 1974.

Carol Service is at Charlton Church at 7.30 p.m., Tuesday, 17th December, 1974.

The annual football match with the School XI is at 2.30 p.m., Saturday, 28th September, 1974. Will any Old Boy wishing to play, please contact Ken Ruffell at the School as soon as possible.

The President addressed the School Leavers on 17th May. Many indicated their intention to join the Association.


Subscriptions are due on the 1st August and it would be of considerable help to Bill Kemp and myself if these were paid promptly.

Present rates are 50p-annual subscription, or £7.50 for Life Membership (a bargain for all you youngsters). If you find it a bind to pay cash annually, and who doesn't, why not start paying by Bank Standing Order? It is no less of a bind but at least it saves you the trouble of having to remember!

Subscriptions are so small and expenses are so high that we cannot afford repeated reminders. So as soon as you have finished reading this, please write our your cheque or Banker's Order and let me have it without delay.

Many thanks.

Bernard Harrison.


Your committee considers that the formal type of Annual Dinner complete with toasts is as dead as the proverbial dodo. Even if this were not so, they think that this type of re-union is unattractive to younger and livelier members. You will have read elsewhere in this issue of the "new look" get-together and it is hoped this will be well supported.

A further special function, specially designed for younger members and recent school leavers (though all beer drinkers are welcome) has been arranged for Saturday, 14th December at 7.00 p.m. at the Eagle Hotel, London Road, Dover.

A private room has been booked, unlimited beer reserved and sandwiches ordered. Reminders will be sent out nearer the actual time, together with acceptance slips so that the correct amount of food may be ordered.

In the meantime, make a note of the date now. It promises to be a lively evening, so come and enjoy yourselves and meet your old friends.

Bernard Harrison.


This Rite of Spring seems to have its own appeal. Two hundred tickets were printed and were all sold a week before the Ball. This number can be comfortably accommodated at tables around the dance floor and at supper in the dining-hall. Kelvin Carter's decor was even more ingenious and effective than ever, and proved a constant topic for conversation.

The President spoke to the assembled company. There was no lack of talk, or wine or willingness to dance. Next year the procedure will be repeated on Friday, 16th May, 1975. Write to the School early if the idea appeals.

Ken Ruffell.


D. R. Wellard (1952-59), Apartment 4, Surfside, 7 Stanley Beach Road, Hong Kong, B.C.C., joined Pfizers on leaving School. In 1969 he was elected to the Associateship of the Royal Inst. of Chemistry and is now Basic Production Manager based in Hong Kong. He travels widely in the Far East to the basic production in fermentation and chemical plants. Still plays cricket-much of it on one of the most valuable cricket grounds in the world, the home of H.K.C.C. Would like to hear from any of his School fellows.

A. Russell (1963-70) was at the School during the Spring Term from Stockwell College. Hopes to be a Geography Master.

David Slater (1962-69) called at the School. He is employed as a Computing Officer at Heathrow Airport, having qualified at the Royal Holloway College, University of London.

Michael Davidson (1956-64) flew home for Christmas from Montreal where he teaches P.E. and French.

F. G. West-Gram (1926-33), 161 Chester Road, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 4AD, has retired after 18 years service with I.C.I. Mond Division. As a Technical Services Manager he travelled widely.

A. E. Cadman (1929-37) has been appointed Surgeon Rear Admiral as Director of Naval Dental Services. He and Mrs. Cadman now live at Alverstoke, Hants.

Terry Griggs (1968-73). We regret to record that Terry was lost overboard in February, 1974 from S.S. Pallium in the Mediterranean on a voyage from Cagliari to Philadelphia.

Paul Dunn (1954-60) is head salesman for Hewlett Packard at Melbourne, and recently received awards for the top Australian salesman. He is married with a 3-year old son.

Bill Moore (1921-26), Owzat, 36 Gardeners Road, Debenham, Stowmarket, Suffolk, writes frequently to the Dover Express on sporting and other matters. He has recently retired after 13 years in charge of Arts and Crafts, Drama, R.I. and cricket at Everton School, Ipswich. Bill and Mrs. Moore are members of the Men of Kent and Kentish Men Association. and Hon. Life Members of the Dover Operatic and Dramatic Society.

J. Summers (1963-70) obtained a Degree in Geography at Cambridge College of Technology and is working on Town and Country Planning near Cambridge. He is married and hopes to get a one-year post-graduate course.

Major R. Boulton (1948-55), 42 Regt. RA., BFPO 38, is a Battery Commander on the healthy North German Plain after spending the last five months of 1973 controlling Belfast City Centre.

Richard Blackburn (1961-63), 9-DDA, Konedubu, Papua, New Guinea, recently wrote to Ken Ruffell to announce the birth of a son.

A. J. R. (Frank) Wellard has moved to 180 The Gateway, Dover, and has attended meetings of the Pharos Lodge.

David Willis (1967-71). We regret to record his death in a road accident on the 17th May, 1974. A keen motorcyclist, he was an assistant steward on the car ferry Free Enterprise 1.

G. Louis Watt (1928-39) occasionally meets Ted Field who is Headmaster of Hampstead School.

Ian P. Watt (1924-35) now lives at 35 Roan Place, Woodside, California 94062, U.S.A.

John Newman, 3 Wardley Green, Liphook, Hants, is teaching at Midhurst Grammar School.

John Ellis (1947-55) is joining the School Geography Dept. in September. After obtaining a Degree at Exeter, he has taught at Astor Secondary and Harvey Grammar Schools.

Robin Haydon (1929-37) has been appointed British High Commissioner for Malta.

Peter Mee (1948-53) is congratulated on his election as first Town Mayor and first leader of the town's Charter Trustees as a result of local government reorganisation. He is a Post Office telecommunications engineer at St. Margaret's Bay.

Michael Igglesden (1945-48), a woodwork teacher in Perth, W. Australia, is in England for one year and staying at Dour House, Temple Ewell. His brother Christopher (1945-49) is a dairy farmer in Tasmania.

Graham Bradley (1949-55). We regret to record his tragic death on 24th April, 1974. Employed at Dover Engineering Works, he was a prominent local cricketer.

R. G. Thorp (1953-61), 39 Neston Drive, Chester CH2 2HP. After reading Chemistry and taking his M.A. and D.Phil. degrees at Balliol College, Oxford, he became a Research Associate at Chicago University. A.R.I.C. as from 1972. He is a member of the Research Dept. I.C.I. Mond Division, Runcorn. He married Janet Pinnell in 1972.

Roger Cuff (1950-55) has been appointed official coach of the Amateur Rowing Association. A very successful member of the Dover Rowing Qub he has been Captain since 1974.

H. C. Blackford (1928-32), 5 Dalton Road, Coventry, has recently written expressing appreciation of the Newsletter. He is at present working at the H.Q. of the Associated Engineering Group of Companies in Leamington Spa.

J. (Alf) Mundy (1947-53) is at the Nat.-West. Bank, Rainham, Kent, and lives with his wife and two daughters at Bredhurst where he would be pleased to welcome old friends, especially for a drink at the local. He is a Round Tabler.

A. M. Harrison (1945-51), Apartado 221, Ibiza, has joined the Association.

J. Peter Mousdale (1951-57) is a lecturer in Art at Liverpool Polytechnic. He provided background pictures for B.B.C. T.V. series Jackanory. He is married with four children.

Ronald Miller (1946-51) is a R.N. Lieutenant in charge of mobile technicians based on H.M.S. Pembroke, Chatham. He is married with two children.

Malcolm Crick (1959-66) graduated from Sussex with a B.A. degree and has now gained his D.Ph. at Exeter College, Oxford.

Brian Abbott (1944-50) has been appointed assistant manager at Nat.West., Dover. He is interested in vintage cars and golf at Kingsdown Club.

T. Vardon (1959-67) as organist joined forces with the Schola Cantorum to present a musical evening in aid of Temple Ewell Church restoration appeal.

David Enemy (1965-73) is doing well at Oxford and intends to referee this year's Old Boys' soccer game on 28th September.


It is pleasing to report 40 leavers have joined O.Ps.

Please supply me with some up-to-date news regarding yourself for the next issue. Editor.


It is with regret that we record the passing of Mrs. A. E. Coulson after a very long illness. The funeral service was held on Friday, 28th June. All members of the Association will wish to convey their heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Coulson in his sad loss.