OPA Newsletter July 1978

New Series No. 34

July 1978




A. E. COULSON, Esq., A.R.C.Sc., B.Sc., M.B.C.S., F.I.M.A.


C. J. Henry, Esq., Lachine, Byllan Road, River, Dover. (Kearsney 3764 - Code 03047)


Rev. W. F. Kemp, The Rectory, Denton, Canterbury.


E. H. Baker, Esq., 24 Downs Road, Maidstone.


The A.G.M. will be held at the School on Saturday 16 September, 1978 at 11.30 a.m. in the Staff Room. COFFEE will be served from 11 a.m.


  1. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To receive apologies.
  3. To read the Minutes of the A.G.M. on 17th September, 1977.
  4. To consider matters arising.
  5. To receive the Treasurer's Report.
  6. To receive the Secretary's Report.
  7. To elect Officers and Committee for 1978-79.
  8. Any Other Business.

Colin Henry (Hon, Secretary).


This year's Re-Union Dinner will be held in the School Staff Room. The BAR will open at 6.45 p.m. DINNER at 7.30 p.m. Price £4 inclusive of sherry and wine.

Wives/girl friends are always very welcome and early application is advised. Please send your cheque with the enclosed reservation slip to me not later than 12 September.

C. Henry.


Annual subscriptions of £1 are due on 1st August. Will you please pay as soon as possible. The high cost of postage prohibits the sending of reminders.

To keep in touch with us and the School, why not send a cheque for £10 for LIFE membership to the Hon. Treasurer?

We should like to thank those long-standing Life members who have sent generous donations to our funds.



On Friday 15 December, 1978 the Rugby Club Bar at Crabble has again been made available for what I know will be an enjoyable get-together. A hot snack meal will be available. An invitation will be sent to 1978 School Leavers. Others are welcome, but please let me know in good time.

C. Henry.


Guest Evening will be held at the School at 7.30 p.m. Friday 17 November Speaker will be Sir. J. Menter.

The u/m who left School in July 1977 came to School on the first day of the Summer Term 1978 to talk about University life to Sixth Formers—John Towsaint-Jackson (Exeter), Gary Howard (London), Louis Upton (Cambridge), David Thomas (Oxford), Andy Sims (Oxford), Mike Ashby (Exeter).

Miss Rookwood writes of her gratitude to the Nurse who brought her a large print book to read and says "It has opened a new world to me".

The Spring Fair realised over £1400 for School Funds.

Following promotion from Div.II. the School 1st XI won Div.I of the East Kent Wednesday League.

Sir F. A. Cockfield (1924-33) recently created a Life Peer, was introduced to the House of Lords as Lord Cockfield on 19 April, 1978.

The Jubilee Trust Fund now stands at £800 and we understand the Trustees are to review the position.

The next issue of the "Pharos" should be available in September. Copies price 50p including postage, may be obtained from the School.

Recently met the Headmaster on his way to collect a School Mini-bus.

The School-leavers were addressed by the President and Old Boys on the 19th May.

It is regretted there was no response to the proposed trip to France.

The replacement of the missing framed photographs of former Headmasters in the H.M.'s study is in hand.

The May Ball was once again an outstanding success due to the unflagging efforts of Ken Ruffell and his willing helpers. The excellent meal provided by the School Canteen Staff was appreciated by everyone.

We offer our congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. K. H. Ruffell on the arrival of their first grandchild.


P. WRIGHTSON (1968-75) now resides at 1 West Nooks, Towthorpe Road, Haxby, York.

B. SANDERS (1948-56) Apt. 509 Walton House, 390 Tunlaw Road N.W., Washington D.C. 20007, obtained his M.A. degree in International History at London in 1964 and is an information scientist at the State Dept. in U.S.A. He writes that Peter E. D. MORGAN (1948-55) 848 Benedum Hall, Univ. of Pittsburgh P.A. 15261, is a Professor of materials science there. We are grateful to I. C. JARVIE (1948-56) York Univ. Ontario, for sending us B. Sanders' address.

W. P. JEFFREY (1918-21). We regret to record his passing on 20 March, 1978. A clerical officer with British Rail, he was Organist at St. Mary's and musical director of the Operatic Society.

Leslie R. STEGGLES (1945-8) joined the Atomic Energy Research Estab. Harwell in 1951 and is in the Finance Branch. He is married with three daughters, one son and two grandchildren. A former Mayor and Alderman of Abingdon B.C., he was elected to Oxford County Council in 1977.

H. H. MADAMS (1922-30) 34 Crabtree Lane, Bodmin, a member for 48 years, writes in appreciation of the News Letter. A retired Local Govt. Officer, he is researching into his father's (Edward W. Madams) history—a Trinity House Pilot, Dover 1906-36—who was wrecked off Tasmania in 1905 on the sailing ship "Mayfield". He would appreciate any information regarding his father, e.g. who remembers "Old Wanstall" who used to drive to the pilots' houses before they joined the station at Dungeness?

Geoffrey C. AUSTIN (1915-17) 171 the Gateway, Dover. Spent a lifetime in banking before returning to Dover where he is actively engaged in voluntary work for the physically handicapped and Chairman of the Local Centre of Trinity College of Music.

R. A. BACK (1949-55) obtained his L1.B degree in 1968 as an external student of London Univ. Admitted as Solicitor in 1971 and currently employed in Post Office Solicitor's Dept. Married with one son.

I. J. G. BETTS (1970-75) is an apprentice technician R. A. F. Halton.

Edward F. MORECROFT (1918-21) We regret to record his death on 1 April, 1978 aged 72.

A. W. BRADLEY (1945-52) 9 Albert Terrace, Edinburgh, has been a Professor of Constitutional Law at Edinburgh University since 1968.

Ray FINLAYSON (1968-75) 5 Atherden Road, Glapton E.5, is an Executive Officer with the Customs and Excise, London.

Keith W. JARVIS (1953-60) is a Sqdn. Leader R.A.F. Staff College, Brackwell, married with a son and daughter.

Stuard H. MILLBOURNE (1965-73) is an apprentice pharmacist with Boots Ltd., Bournemouth.

John F. MUMMERY (1949-57) B. A. Oxford 1962, B. Civil Law 1963, called to the Bar 1964, since when he has practised in Chancery Bar. Counsel to the Attorney General in charity matters and a Trustee of London Legal Advice Centre Society since 1969. Taught Law at Queens College, Oxford 1966-72.

R. T. PELHAM (1924-30) 290A Mumbles Road, West Cross, Swansea, retired after owning the Post Office there 1950-77.

Dudley G. A. SANDERS (1918-27) Potters, Worth, Crawley, Sussex is retired Industrial Training Manager of Metal Box Co. Now active in U.N.A., a Churchwarden and Chairman of the Committee awarding Kitchener Scholarships.

W. R. FITTALL (1964-72) is working in the Home Office. He is Organist and Choirmaster at Christ Church, Fulham, and a licensed lay-reader by the Bishop of Kensington.

L. W. HOOKHAM (1915-21) 9 Whitefriars Meadow, Sandwich, after 52 years in the Merchant Navy, retired as Senior Pilot in London for Union Castle and United States Lines.

K. REDSULL (1966-73) is with "East Kent Mercury" as is Nick Taylor (1968-75).

R. D. LANGFORD (1939-46) is a Works Manager with I.C.I. Organics Division, Fleetwood. Married Pauline Manston from Ebbw Vale in 1952 and has a daughter and two sons.

Andrew PADDOCK (1966-73) obtained B.A.Hons. Degree in Business Studies and is a graduate trainee with Gillette.

Joe H. T. WAIGHT (1926-33) is a lecturer in Military Studies and English to foreign military personnel at the Army School of Languages, Beaconsfield.

Chris J. WILSON (1951-8) is an Airline Pilot with Quantas Airways flying Sydney - London and Sydney - San Francisco.

Nigel HOPKINSON (1969-76) has secured admission to Bradford University.

Jason HUNNISETT (1970-77). The news of his death on 21 February, 19 while climbing on Ben Nevis was a cruel blow to all who knew him. He held the bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh award medals and was the first recipient in 1976 of the Old Boys' Prize for Outdoor Activities.

Robert E. P. CAIN (1942-8) 53 Kenilworth Road, Fleet, Aldershot, recently visited the School. He is with Berisford Commodities Ltd., Mark Lane, London.

John LORIMER (1968-75) met Ken Ruffell during a recent School visit to Swanage. He is now sponsored in his educational progress by Ford Motor Co.

Peter SHERRED (1937-41) 13 Capt. Honeywell's Road, Ardsley, New York 105 02, has visited the School. He is Executive Vice-President of Arco Pub. Co.

Clifford H. GARWOOD (1941-4) 4 Vernon Place, Deal, writes in nostalgic mood of his days at School. He is a member of the English Dept. at the Univ. of Wales Inst, of Science and Technology, Cardiff. His brother Kenneth (1938-43) gained a doctorate of Sheffield Univ. and is Vice-Principal of the West Glamorgan College of Higher Education, Swansea.

John R. CATT (1962-9) Flat 10, Avon Court, Regents Road, St. Helier, Jersey, is now Manager's Clerk, Nat. West Bank, St. Helier and maintains his interest in sailing.

Mark H. WENBORN (1967-74) has been awarded a B.Sc.Hons. Degree in Geography at Plymouth Polytechnic. He is a Marketing Executive with Thomson Holidays.

Richard G. SPEAR (1941-6) 143 Hoyt St., The Buckingham Apt. N6, Stamford, Connecticutt 06905, has been appointed Vice-President—Administration, International Div., Chesebrough-Ponds Inc., and has recently visited Europe and the Far East on fact-finding missions. His brother Philip (1937-9) Riverside Inn, c/o Post Office, AFOR Kwale, Bendel State, Nigeria, recently became a Life member.

A. V. WHORWELL (1922-9) The Wilderness, Nackington Road, Canterbury, retired from the Inland Revenue and is setting up business as a tax consultant and accountant. He is married with two sons.

Maurice SAYERS (1939-42) has been elected Vice-President of the Kent Law Society.

Timothy BATSON (1969-74) gained a 2nd Class B.A.Hons. Degree, 1st Division in Fine Art at Brighton Polytechnic.

Peter HEARN (1944-51) is second i/c R.A.F. St. Mawgan. He hold the A.F.C. and the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air.

Brian ANDERSON (1960-67) Captain of the successful Durham Univ. Challenge T.V. Team is going to Bolivia for four years of further research.

David WELLARD (1952-9) Pfizer Int'l, 235 E.42nd St., New York 10017, is hoping to visit the School in July and play cricket against the School. He still manages to play a considerable amount of cricket with Staten Island C.C. (Estab. 1872) in the N.Y. Metropolitan League.

Peter RELF (1955-63) is joining the Staff of Rufford Comp. School, Edwinstowe, Notts, in September. Robin Hood and Maid Marion are said to have married at Edwinstowe Church.

Donald BECK (1968-73) who is employed at the Eastern Docks, is attending the Commonwealth Games in Canada in August as a first-aider and will have ten days holiday in the Rocky Mountains before returning.

Don CARLESS (1945-7) is a Canterbury Police Constable and the Publicity Officer of Dover Operatic Society.

Preb. K. NEWING (1930-40) Rector of Plymton St. Maurice, has been appointed Archdeacon of Plymouth. He is also member of the General Synod.

Brian STEVENSON (1963-6) obtained his Commission in the R.A.F. in 1977 and is now i/c P.E. at West Dray ton. He recently parachuted with the Prince of Wales when both received their 'Wings'.


After every Old Boys Re-Union a new exciting spirit of comradeship and brotherly interest in engendered. Many Old Boys ask 'When is the next re-union?'—in fact, 'Can we have another get together soon?'. Well, you can. Just as our Association is open to all Old Boys of the School, so too is our Old Boys' Masonic Lodge "The Pharos". We meet at Snargate Street on the third Saturdays in October, November, January, February, March and April. We welcome any enquiries to join Pharos Lodge 6967. The Lodge Secretary is Alec Lyons, 55 London Road, Dover (Kearsney 2711).

This year's Master is Tommy Beer, and the Wardens and John Beer and Frank Legg. Do enquire and demonstrate your interest in Old Boys' activities.

Bob Winter Director of Ceremonies.


In response to our request in the last issue we are able to print the following information, thanks to the assistance of Miss Vera Costelloe, 40 St. Thomas Road, Worthing (Head Girl D.C.S. Girls 1916-17), Michael White, Fred Greenstreet and Alec Lyons.

William H. G. Costelloe (1909-15) commissioned in the R.E's. saw service in France and India in the 14-18 War, after which he read Mech. Engin. at Christ's College, Cambridge. During 1939-45 War he was Chief Engineer M.E.F.; British N. Africa Forces and in Greece. Retiring in 1948 with the rank of Brigadier, he died in Wales on 18 November, 1975 aged 76.

John W. Costelloe (1911-17) joined R. Navy as an Engin. Apprentice in 1917 and was "Head Boy" of H.M.S. Fisgard. In 1939-45 War he was awarded D.S.C. in the Battle of Matapan. In May 1941 at the age of 38 he was lost on H.M.S. Gloucester with 800 men in the Battle of Crete.

Thomas A Costelloe (1915-18) left his Sevenoaks business for a Commission in the R.E's. in Second World War and service in India as a Lt. Col. He died in 1961 aged 55.

William H. N. (Paul) England (1918-19) was a musical prodigy and first class pianist. He went into Insurance on leaving School but soon drifted towards the Stage. During 1939-45 War he was prominent with ENSA parties at home and overseas. He became an impresario, and took travelling companies abroad.