OPA Newsletter July 1979

New Series No. 36

July 1979




G. L. WATT, Esq., M.A.(Cantab), M.I.Biol.


C. J. Henry, Esq., Lachine, Byllan Road, River, Dover. (Kearsney 3764 - Code 03047)


Rev. W. F. Kemp, The Rectory, Denton, Canterbury.


E. H. Baker, Esq., 24 Downs Road, Maidstone.


The A.G.M. will be held at the School Staff Room on Saturday 15th September, 1979 at 11 a.m. COFFEE will be served from 10.30 a.m.


  1. To read the notice convening the Meeting.
  2. To receive apologies.
  3. To read the Minutes of the A.G.M. 1978.
  4. To consider matters arising.
  5. To receive the Treasurer's Report.
  6. To receive the Secretary's Report.
  7. To elect Officers and Committee for 1979-80.
  8. Any Other Business.

Colin Henry (Hon. Secretary)


to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the foundation of the School.

This year's Reunion Dinner will be held in the Hall. The Bar will open at 6.45 p.m. DINNER at 7.30 p.m. Price £4. A choice of wine will be available.

Wives/girl friends are always very welcome and early application is advised. Please send your cheque (made payable to "Old Pharosians") with the enclosed reservation slip to me not later than 8th September, 1979.

C. Henry.


Again this year on 21st December, 1979 at 8 p.m. a Christmas Social especially for School Leavers will be held at Dover Rugby Club premises at Crabble. Members who left School in recent years are also invited, but please let me know by 14 December at the latest if you are coming.

C. Henry.


Annual subscriptions of £1 are due on 1st AUGUST. Please do not delay payment. LIFE membership is £10. Send a cheque now to the Hon. Treasurer. We should like to thank those members who have sent generous donations to our funds.

W. F. Kemp.

K. H. RUFFELL, B.A.(Lond) 1937-79

During his first few months as our Headmaster, Mr. Booth, was required to appoint a Geographer as successor to Mr. Darby. Out of nearly 200 applicants he selected a young London man straight from College. The wisdom of his appointment has been well proven, for over 42 years (except for five years war service) Ken has become truly "part of the building".

Although there have been many esteemed and respected masters who have given long and unselfish service to our School, none other can claim to have known and held the respect and friendship of so many boys who have passed through the School. The number who have maintained contact with Ken and the record attendance at the Luncheon when he was our President are evidence of his popularity. The links he has forged in the classroom, on the playing field, and with School Parties of Geographers and Geologists on visits to various parts of the Country will long be remembered by all who were privileged to enjoy his companionship.

Cricketer, Footballer, Actor, Producer, Churchman, but above all as O.M.R. said in her last months "Ken is an English Gentleman".

His service to the School is beyond measure and we all thank Mrs. Ruffell for her benevolent appreciation the "The School, the boys and the Old Boys" have always been his life.

Ken is entering retirement but we know that he will always take an active interest in our Association. (He is to take over the Editorship of the next issue of the Newsletter.)

To have known Ken all his years at Dover has been one of life's greatest pleasures. The help and assistance he has given so freely, is a debt which can never be repaid.

To Barbara and Ken we extend our sincere good wishes that they may enjoy a long and happy "semi-retirement".

E. H. B.

(It is the Committee's intention to present Ken with an appropriate retirement memento from Old Boys at the Reunion Dinner. Any member who wishes to be associated and make a contribution should contact the Hon. Treasurer, Denton Rectory, Canterbury as soon as possible.)


The School Carol Service is at Charlton Church on Tuesday 18 December at 7.30. We are sure it will give great pleasure to O.P's. to know that your Committee have elected Mrs. A. Booth and Mrs. R. Sandiford at Hon. Life Members of the Association.

On 4 April an Old Boys (inc. Maurice Sayers 1939-42) RUGBY XV (or was it XVI) played the School and won 16—9.

The older generations of O.P's. may be interested in this extract from a letter received regarding Life Member Alex KYLE.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kyle were living next door when we moved to Tiverton in 1953. Mr. Kyle died 1962? Mrs. Kyle moved to St. Lawrence Close, Tiverton, as far as I know is still there."

The School Under 13 Soccer XI defeated Howard School, Gillingham to win the Kent Schools Under 13 Shield.

The Committee have decided to erect a plaque in memory of the late Mr. J. C. Booth in the School Great Hall, similar to the plaque erected in memory of Mr. Whitehouse. Any O.P. who wishes to be associated with the bronze tablet should write to the Hon. Treasurer.

The Old Boys Prize for Outdoor Activities will be renamed "The J. C. Booth Memorial Prize".

At Oxford on 2 February K. H. R. met David Sheasby (Geography), Andrew Sims (Geology), Marcus Longley (History) and Stephen Madge (Geography). Stephen is training a choir at Oriel and achieving very high standards.

Three brothers Gary, Steve and Peter Barnacle play with the Ian Gillan Band.

A successful Spring Fair was held on 5 May, realising £1900.

Any O.P. wishing to play Soccer for the Old Boys v School at 2.30 p.m. 15 September. 1979 should contact Mike Palmer, 12 Hazeldown Close, River, as soon as possible.

School Guest Evening will be held on 9 November at 7.30 p.m.

It is hoped the next issue of the "Pharos" will be available in September 1979. Price 50p, inc. postage, from the School.

The photographs of the Schools first three Headmasters have now been fixed in the School Great Hall.

The School Leavers were addressed by the Deputy Headmaster and the Hon. Secretary on 18th May.


Old Boys will be delighted to learn that the new administration intends to preserve the Grammar Schools during their term of office. The time-honoured traditions of the School are precious since they establish conventions of good behaviour and hard work which can easily be lost in the turmoil of reorganisation. The School has a generous entry, such that virtually every boy who is suited to academic courses is able to come and we have provision for transfer, especially to the Sixth Form.

The requirements of a liberal education, however, are costly. They demand a full commitment by the Staff both in and out of school hours, both in the term and in the holidays. Buildings and equipment come second but there is a point at which inadequate accommodation can seriously interfere with effective teaching.

The Kent Education Committee are doing what they can but it is clear that the new government will be even tighter as far as public expenditure is concerned.

We launched an Appeal on 31st March. The response, particularly from Old Pharosians all over the world, has been magnificent and, to date, we have realised over £6000 of our target of £10000.

I hope and believe that the venture has produced a new and lively interest in the Old Pharosians Association. My growing confidence in their generosity is the main foundation for my certainty that we shall succeed.

R. C.

Subscribers to the Appeal Fund to 31st May include the undermentioned.

Further acknowledgement will be made in subsequent issues of Newsletter.

K. W. Wills; Sir Clifford Jarrett; A. H. Gunn; J. H. Baggott; A. T. Blackman; Denis Weaver; E. R. Longley; G. Lock; C. Jowett; M. Sayers, Stillwell & Harby; S. J. Nowers; Bishop of Exeter; F. W. Ockenden; D. Grinstead; Rev. L. J. Taylor; Brig. W. M. E. White; J. H. Morecroft; G. E. Fox; J. R. Gatt; J. P. Sutton; P. Scrivener; W. J. F. Wellard; Commodore A. Henney; Mrs. L. Turnpenny; G. Dampier; L. J. Bach; J. H. T. Waight; M. G. Hinton; D. A. Gibb; B. Skelton-Foord; B. P. Jarvie; N. Syrett; R. Mercer; Don, Dewar; R. C. Wilson; S. T. Newing; P. J. McVey; R. A. Crofts; Rev. J. Dilnot; W. J. Ratcliffe; G. E. & A. M. Cheesman; B. Robinson; J. F. Relf; W. E. & P. E. Collard; O. D. Sansum; Ven. K. A. Newing; J. C. Binfield; A. R. Guthrie; Lt-Col. R. Bolton; C. Henry; E. C. Mantle; W. T. Moore; H. Newman; R. J. & J. C. Allright; D. F. Crouch; G. L. Watt; J. A. Paterson; N. V. Sutton; R. D. Langford; P. R. Meehan; I. H. Weeks; T. Sutton; D. W. Cornelius; G. Plater; R. S. West; R. J. Unstead; J. Halsey; Lt-Col. A. Andrews; D. G. A. Sanders; J. V. Horn; F. G. West-Oram; E. H. Baker; D. R. Ovenden; J. Weir; R. E. Smith; L. Borley; G. E. Harrow; V. G. Ellen; G. C. J. Bailey.


To put on a show like "Oliver" is a challenge for any school and one to which our school rose with such a success that we can only hope now for a permanent return to the worthwhile musical productions which used to be such a feature of the school's cultural life.

Under the general direction of Ken Ruffell, with the music enthusiastically and infectiously organised by Adrian Boynton, the production brought together not only staff and boys but also parents, girls from Frith Road, and adults who had no previous connection with the school. All contributed to the success of the performances which earned capacity audiences who showed their delight in their loud and lengthy applause.

It was entertainment of a very high standard; it brought prestige to the school, elation to the cast and great satisfaction to all those responsible for putting on the show.

The only niggling question left with me, knowing the enormous reservoir of talent within the school, was why it was felt necessary to call upon so much outside assistance. But all blended well and I for one was relieved and delighted that the school had made this successful return to entertainment which could fill the hall for several nights.


E. W. J. MOSELlNG (1922-30)

"Boz" to his contemporaries, a life member of the Association, passed away peacefully in Hospital at Worthing on 1st February aged 66 years. In pre-war years he was a member of our Committee and played cricket for the O.P's. For some years he taught at Elvington before moving to a Headship at Worthing. Some ten years ago he suffered a heart attack and a second one in 1971 caused his early retirement. In a restricted way he maintained his Church life, viewed sport on T.V. and was frequently a spectator at Hove watching Sussex. He always followed with interest Kent cricket and events in the Dover area. To his widow (nee Lillian Griffiths of D.G.S. Girls), his two sons and brothers we offer our sincere sympathy.

E. H. B.

A. S. PITCEATHLY (1956-66)

"Sandy" was a devoted Schoolmaster and tremendously useful for the wide variety of subjects he was able to teach.

He looked after the Under 12 XI's. His incoming batsmen were told to touch their caps to the Umpire and say "Middle and leg, if you please, Sir". He was cremated at Barham on 18 April 1979 and the School was represented at the Service.

K. H. R.

We regret to record the deaths of: Cecil H. Livings (1915-20) on 29 December 1978 aged 77; Ronald F. Cadman (1926-33) on 4 January, 1979 aged 64; Arthur L. Youden (1922-28) on 16 February aged 67; Ronald F. Clark (1920-26) on 14 March aged 68; Arthur C. Edmond (1921-22) on 2 April aged 70; Israel L. Kalfuss (1924-29) on 23 April aged 66 years.


Kevin REDSULL (1966-73) after being with the "East Kent Mercury" since leaving School, has joined the "Luton Herald" as Sports Editor.

Micheal AYLEN (1957-64) Headmaster of St. Margarets Primary School for four years, has been appointed Headmaster of Deal South Primary from September 1979.

P. J. BURVILLE (1946-51) 14 Malton Way, Tunbridge Wells is Head of Project Management (Development) and Support Division of Post Office Telecommunications.

H. F. MOSELlNG (1931-37) 22 Buckingham Close, Petts Wood, has spent a life-time in Banking. Since 1962 he has worked in East End, City, and West End of London. At present he is Manager of Nat-West City Office, Lombard Street, and looking forward to retirement in October. In 1938 he joined the T.A. Royal West Kent and was a P.O.W. 1940-45 having been captured on the Somme.

M. DURRANT (1962-70) is Head of the History Dept. of a Bermuda Grammar School and recently promoted to Universities Councillor. In April he brought a party of his students on a successful Soccer tour of England, including a match with the School XI.

"Bod" BOWLES (1941-47) is the landlord of the "Louis Armstrong", Maison Dieu Road, where he plays weekly jazz sessions.

R. A. FALCONER (1960-67) is teaching Geography and P.E. at a Maidstone Sec. School. He is in charge of the Kent Under 15 Soccer XI.

Peter WHEELER (1963-71) was President of the Union at Durham Univ. He is now Head of Divinity and Music at Friars School, Ashford and was considering entering the Church when he called at School recently.

S. C. FULTON (1971-78) is at Keele Univ. and a member of the Univ. Athletics Team.

Alan W. J. WEBBER (1942-50) 56 Wandle Road, Morden, Surrey, is with the City of London Police attached to the Central Criminal Court. Married for 23 years, he has two daughters and a son. A Life member he hopes to attend some of our future functions. He remembers meeting Lester Borley and the matter of a 'bonfire'. He writes with affection of Mr. Booth and Mr. Ruffell, and remembers Miss Rookwood as "a very kind, very shrewd lady, a strict disciplinarian, and the best English teacher I have ever known". (After trying for 8 years, it is pleasing to regain contact - Editor.)

Tony PARSONS (1969-76) Lehavot, Habashan, Galil, Elyon M.P.12125, Israel, wrote a very interesting letter to K. H. R. regarding his life in a kibbutz and wonders if the ideal can survive.

N. J. FRIGHT (1962-69) 16 Sycamore Close, Church Road, Northolt, on leaving School worked for British Gas and obtained M.Sc. in Operational Research. He is now a programmer for an American Computer manufacturer which involves world-wide travel.

John LE PREVOST (1927-36) 198 Whitecross Road, Hereford, wrote a very nostalgic letter about O. M. R. and her connections with the Junior Dramatic Society, the Tuckshop, visits to her at Dover and Cliftonville, her joy at receiving the Maundy Money from H.M. The Queen at Canterbury and her real "love of the Church. "( remember and am glad th-at O. M. R. knew me."

Lord COCKFIELD (1924-33) has been appointed a Minister of State at the Treasury with special responsibility for taxation.

Martyn C. WEBSTER (1960-67) has written in tribute to his Latin Master, the late Mr. E. G. Smith "a dedicated teacher to whom I will always be grateful".

Quote "Like all good old soldiers, so long as he was having a good grouse, things were fine".


Friday 18 May 1979, boys about to take the GCE Exams are assembled in the Hall to receive final instructions and then those who will soon leave School are spoken to on the subject of "Old Pharosians".

They are then hustled out of the Hall so that lights, decorations, tables and chairs can be positioned for the May Ball on the following day. Mr. Carter, Art Master, makes an annual much admired project of the scheme of decorations.

A striped awning is mounted at the entrance where flowering plants help to improve the austere academic severity of the school entrance.

Sherry at 7 p.m. encourages people to come early and be socially minded. Dinner at 7.30 was a waist-extending business, admirably prepared and served. Time had marched beyond 9 o'clock before the band had cause to begin.

They succeeded in encouraging a lot of people to dance a lot of the time and the company remained in good heart until 1 a.m. This was said to be the twelfth successive annual May Ball. The 200 tickets are picked up so readily that the future for this style of evening out seems assured.

K. H. R.

"Regrets I've had a few, but then I did it my way".


"The Pen is mightier than the Sword" states the scribe, but he omits to state that "Time weareth out the Pen".

After more than a decade and a score of issues of the Newsletter, the time has arrived for a new Pen to compile and edit the Letter. Partings must always contain some element of regret but the passage of time only brightens the happy times. I will ever remember with gratitude and affection those who have made the effort to write to me and in many instances revive nostalgic memories covering sixty years. To the Presidents and Committee, I offer my thanks for their forbearance over the years. It has been a labour of love and I am particularly grateful to Ken, Denis, Terry and the many others without whose unstinted and willing assistance the Newsletter could have ceased.

To my successor I extend my very best wishes. I have always endeavoured to produce a Newsletter and not a Magazine. Long may it remain so. "Forty Years On".

E. H. B.


It is understood Derek Crouch (1941-48) 52 London Road, Canterbury, will be the Committee's nomination for Vice-President for 1979-80.

Recent addresses of Old Boys received are:—

S. J. Nowers (1916-25) Flat 2, Hillstone Court, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone.

J. V. Horn (1921-27) 30 Fernwood Avenue, Wembley.

J. K. Thompson (1922-31) 9 Grove Way, Esher, Surrey.