1929-30 House Football

My father Henry George Richards is on front row extreme right (facing the photo). The football photo was probably taken about 1928 – 29 given he was born 1916. Photograph kindly sent to me from Terry Richards (3 Jan 2007). I also have a letter from the headmaster F Whitehouse. (CLICK TO VIEW) If...

1929 Cricket

N. A. LANDROCK.    B. D. CARPENTER.    M. CASTLE.    L. W. GOODFELLOW.    H. C. T. BROWN.    E. W. J. MOSELING.    A. V. WHORWELL (Scorer). J. A. PATERSON.    B. W. TAYLOR (Vice-Capt.).    H. A. STANWAY (Capt.).    S. DILNOT.    J. M. DAVIS....

1929-30 Football

L. N. BOORN.    L. W. GOODFELLOW.    R. F. SCOTT. F. WHITEHOUSE, Esq.    T. A. KEEFE.    V. W. BULLEN. M. CASTLE (Vice-Capt.).    F. F. ALLIN, Esq. C. W. SMITH. J. A. PATERSON (Captain).    A. W. SALMON.    R. G. PROFITT.    E. W. J. MOSELING....

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians