1933 School

1933 DOVER COUNTY GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR BOYS. 1933 The pictures contain “HOT SPOTS”. Please click on different portions of photograph to enlarge. Details of each person in the photograph will be found by running the cursor over the faces. If you should know any details of any people shown in the photographs, we would be...

1933 Orchestra

1933 ORCHESTRA COUNTY SCHOOL ORCHESTRA. SUMMER TERM. 1933. S. F. WILLIS, M.A. Conductor. Many thanks to the following people who have been able to put names to faces. John Edwards (14 Jan 2004)

1933 Whitehouse Letter

WHITEHOUSE LETTER 1933 TRANSCRIPT To Henry George Richards. 5th October, 1933. I have very much pleasure in supporting the application of H. G. Richards for a junior clerkship. He has been a pupil at this School for the past six years, gained admission by Free Place Scholarship, and has just1fied the award by taking full...

1933 Cricket

CRICKET 1933 R. J. UNSTEAD.    E. PELHAM.    P. E. COLES.    R. E. B. HICKMAN.    N. JENKINS.    R. F. SLATOR.    F. L. W. EADE (Sec.). G. D. MAGUD.    E. C. SHARP (Capt.).    F. WHITEHOUSE, Esq.    F. F. ALLIN, Esq.    S. M. WEST. E. CRUSH.    H. S. BOWERS.    R. BOWLES. 

1933 Football

FOOTBALL 1933-34 C. R. ARCHIBALD, (Linesman).    R. J. UNSTEAD. (Vice-Capt).    A. ANDREWS. (Captain).    A. WILLIAMS. F. WHITEHOUSE, M.A. (Head Master).    N. J. JENKINS.    F. OLIVER.    R. F. SLATOR.    F. ALLIN Esq. (Sports Manager). A. J. SLATER.    R. F. CADMAN.    J. WILKINSON.    E. BAINBRIDGE.    E. J. ROGERS.

1933 Parade

PARADE 1933 D.C.S. CADET CORPS. KING’S BIRTHDAY PARADE, 3rd JUNE, 1933. (Click to view write up)

1933 Rugby

RUGBY 1933-34 G. S. ALLEN.    A. D. DEWAR.    R. J. UNSTEAD.    R. F. SLATOR.    D. A. WILDE.    P. C. R. PEARCE. F. WHITEHOUSE, Esq., M.A.    A. J. T. SLATER.    P. E. COLES.    R. E. B. HICKMAN.    G. D. MAGUB.    J. H. KIRTON.    W. E. PEARCE, Esq. B.Sc. R. H. ARNOLD.    R. G. BORTHWICK.    G. L....

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