1939 Pharosians Football

OLD PHAROSIANS FOOTBALL 1939 OLD PHAROSIANS’ FOOTBALL CLUB Winners of the Dover Charity Club, Division III,  in the final against Shepherdswell on Saturday. Reading from left to right. Back Row – A. W. Lyons, P. S. Wraight, L. C. Philpott, L. N. Boorn and E. H. Baker. Centre Row – H. J. Burt, J....

1939 Cricket

CRICKET 1939 Back row.  1????,    2????,    3 Geoffrey George Paddock,    4????,    5????,    6????,    7????,    8???? Middle Row.    1????,    2????,    3????,    4????,    5????,    J C Booth. Front row.    1????,    2????,    3???? Many thanks for Rory Paddock for identifying his father. (23 Oct 2006)...

1939 Herbert Loebl

1939 HERBERT LOEBL CCF I was a member of the 1st Cadet Company C.P. (F.) R.E. (Big Drummer in the Band.) from December 1938 – July 1939 EXTRACT FROM DRAFT OF AUTOBIOGRAPHY I was sent to Dover County School for Boys, my sister to the equivalent girls’ establishment. We travelled the 10 miles between...

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians