School Building Project – Introduction

In 2014 Dover Grammar School for Boys (DGSB) made a successful application to the Priority SchoolsBuilding Programme 2 (PSBP2). The main building on the site was identified as ‘successful’ in being considered for replacement due it being life expired and in a poor condition.

A feasibility study was undertaken to reach agreement on a viable control option for the building that demonstrates value for money and would lead on to developing the design to enable a Planning Applicationto be made.

The outcome of this appraisal was a recommendation for the construction of a whole new school building, followed by the demolition of the existing school buildings.

The key reasons behind this decision included:

  • Entirely new facilities designed to current teaching standards.
  • Capacity to expand in the future.
  • Design life of 40-60 years.
  • Significantly reduced lifetime maintenance costs for the school.
  • Improved parking and pupil transport issues.
  • Enhanced teaching and learning spaces of a size that can accommodate a full class.
  • Allow the school flexibility to adapt to accommodate future changes to the curriculum.
  • A very energy efficient building resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and reduced running costs.
  • Due to the condition of the existing buildings doing nothing is not a viable option.
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