1933 Whitehouse Letter



To Henry George Richards.

5th October, 1933.

I have very much pleasure in supporting the application of H. G. Richards for a junior clerkship. He has been a pupil at this School for the past six years, gained admission by Free Place Scholarship, and has just1fied the award by taking full advantage of educational opportunities afforded him. He gained his form promotion year by year passed into Form V and in June, 1933. obtained his London General School Certificate with credit in English, History, Geography, French, Elementary Mathematics, Chemistry and Heat, Light & Sound, and this success exempts him from London Matriculation Exam. This shows him to be a boy of good intellectual ability and of a capacity above the average. He has secured a good general education which should fit him for clerical work.

He has taken a fair share in extra School activities and is a boy of good tone and address. He is polite, punctual and obliging, always ready to do his utmost to please those set over him, strictly honourable in all relationships, and thoroughly dependable.

I recommend him with pleasure and with much confidence for the post he is seeking at Southwark.

Fred Whitehouse

Headmaster; County School for Boys, Dover.
Member of the Kent Education Committee.

With the reference letter he did not take up that job and his record shows he went through to Summer 1934.

Letter kindly sent to me from Terry Richards (Henry’s son) (3 Jan 2007).

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