1959 Manton

“Hello, just to let you know that the person in the school photo 1959, row 7, number 46, is indeed Thomas Manton, this would have been his final year as he joined the army in 1959.

He went on to excel in everything he did and was a wonderful, intelligent and thoughtful man.

He would have liked to see the picture as he told me many stories of the somewhat frightening teachers of that time in their long flowing capes and would know doubt have given me a profile of each and everyone, he had an amazing memory.

Unfortunately Tom Manton died suddenly of a heart attack two months ago and has left a massive hole in many peoples lives.

A short while ago I was looking at your archives and his name popped up for winning some awards, he was quite astonished that such information was still available. I hope you continue to keep up the website as it serves as a permanent reminder of many peoples family history.
Kind Regards

Sarah Balman ( Manton) Daughter.” (29th Mar 2003).

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