1992 Staff Photograph

The pictures contain “HOT SPOTS”. Details of each person in the photograph will be found by running the cursor over the faces.

Names left to right.

Front Row:-

Danielle Middleton
Cheryl Woods
Alan Jackson
Headteacher Neil Slater
Keith Chambers
Julie Liddon
Martine Hargrave

Second Row:-
Jennifer Barnes
Richard Davies
Richard Sewell
Christine Gabriel
Gillian Saville
Major Richard Hoeren
David Murray
Jean Woodward

Third row:-

Clive Fieldwick
Steven Callacher
David Judson
Peter Dale
Kelvin Carter
Graham Lodder
Alan French

Fourth row:-

Paul Skelton
Ian Burgess
Malcolm Grant
Anthony Manners
Michael Thomas
Brian Haines
James Goldthorpe
Alan Rogers

Back row:-

Clive Botting
Gordon Jolliffe
Kevin Raine
Steven Bailey
David Benjamin

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