1964 Basketball

Back Row:- middle Dick Pond, 6 is A Williams, 7 Paul Jones, 5 Gerald Eames (I think that I have the spelling right but am not sure), 12 Peter Jarvis, 10 R A Bradley I might have got the initials wrong but do not think so).

BACK ROW; 1st left Chris Borley; 2nd left Tony Revell; 2nd right Peter Jewkes; 1st right Brian Gibb.

FRONT ROW: 1st right R.A. Bradley

Thanks to Terry Clear (5 Dec 2004)

Also John Newman (57-64) (1 Feb 2005)

Also Douglas Stark (17 Apr 2005)

If anyone should have any further photos or know any , please contact ]]>

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians