1970 Rugby 4th Year

Back:- Bas, Reg Ellender, Dobbins, Mick Fisher, Michael Dale.

Middle:- ‘Hari Krishna’ (Mr)Templeman, Phil Pratt, ‘Brainsley’, Flossy Hall (Nigger), Ingmar Spencer (Spence), ‘Farter’ Fox, ‘Queenie’ Johnson (Fruit).

Bottom:- (H)arry (B)enson, Ollie Samsun, ‘Puque Boy’ Wellburn, Shirley, Rusty and Me (Joe90 or Bates)

Added by Michael Masters and downloaded from Friends Reunited on 27/07/2002.

“On the back of this photo I sadly noted some peoples nicknames at the time.”

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians