1969 Gymnastics

TOP ROW:-  ??? BRENNAN,  Clive LEWIS,  Paul BELL

MIDDLE ROW:-  ???? GIBB,   2????,  3????,  4????,  Stu WILSON,  David Rees,  Geoff ALVEY

FRONT ROW:-  Mr Arthur ELLIOTT,  Richard WHEELER,   Mike HUDSMITH,  John WRATTEN,  Jeff CORBY,  Brian DUFFY,  Head J C BOOTH.

Thank given to John Newman (57-64) (1 Feb 2005)

Also Douglas Stark (17 Apr 2005)

Also Mike Graham (53-60) (23 Feb 2007)

If anyone should have any further photos or know any , please contact ]]>

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians