1964-5 Sixth Form Informal

Final 6th form photo 64-65…even more informal.

“As far as I can remember we were playing the Girls school at something, dress-ups?” Doug

Back Row; Dead centre-Doug Stark in striped shirt and cocked hat
5th on right Graham Miller; 3rd right Keith Easly, 2nd right ? Atkins, 1st right Zografos

Front Row: 3rd on right Dave Fleming, 1st right Terry Glanville, 4th from right Martin Moseling

Photograph kindly supplied by Douglas Stark. In friendship-from Fish Creek, Victoria, Australia (12 Apr 2005)

Also Martin Moseling (7 Feb 2011) who says: “I am front row, 4th from right in a patterned shirt over a white tee shirt and wearing what looks like one of my mother’s old hats! The occasion was a HOCKEY MATCH against the Girls’ Grammar and we easily beat them.”

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians