1958 Rugby (2)

TOP ROW: 1 David Brennan, 2 Clive Lewis, 3 Paul Bell

MIDDLE ROW: 1 John Gibb, 2 Dave Beven, 3 Bob Dixon, 4 Keith Hunt, 5 Stewart Wilson, 6 David (Dai) Rees, Geoffrey Alvey

FRONT ROW: 1 Mr Arthur Elliott, 2 Dick Wheeler, 3 Mike Hudsmith, 4 ????, 5 Geoff Corby, 6 Jim Duffy, 7 J C Booth

Thank given to John Newman (1957-64) (1 Feb 2005)

Also Geoffrey Alvey (22 Oct 2005)

Also Jim Duffy (10 May 2007)

If you have any further photos or know any names, please contact the webmaster using the form on the Contact Us page, stating the page address and title.

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians