1982 St Margaret’s Bay

Admiring the wave-cut platform at St Margaret’s Bay, c. 1982 E J Walder, Jim Walker, Tom Hunnisett.

A wave-cut blow-hole at St Margaret’s Bay filled with half-cut E. S. students, circa 1982.

Back, L-R: Martin Ladbrook, EJ Walder.

Front, L-R: Phil Cross, Keith Parks, Tom Hunnisett, Jim Walker.

Back row, L-R: Keith Parks, Tom Hunnisett, Martin Ladbrook.

Front row, L-R: E J Walder, Jim Walker.

The Coastguard, St Margaret’s Bay, circa 1982. Handsome bunch.

One of many trips to view the magnificent wave-cut platform at St Margaret’s Bay during Steve Bailey’s E.S. course, circa 1982.

L-R: Martin Ladbrook, Jim Walker, EJ Walder, Tom Hunnisett.

E J Walder’s Morris Marina (exited in unorthodox fashion by Tom Hunnisett) was an integral part of Steve Bailey’s E.S. course in 1982.

Added by Dave Winter and downloaded from Friends Reunited. (24/06/2003)

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