1957 Choir


Back row from left:- Unknown; ?? Catt; ?? Marsh; Colin Fricker; Peter Piddock; Unknown; Unknown; ?? Forsyth;

3rd Row from left:- Ian Goodfellow; John Philpott; Unknown; Johnny Cairns; Unknown; Unknown; Peter Smithen; Jack Castle; Jack Pearson; Clive Taylor.

2nd row from left:- John Beer; Michael Stewart-Young; Peter Relf; Keith Tutthill; Steven Pratt; 2 Unknowns, Richard Armstrong, unknown.

Front row from left:- Mr ‘Jack’ Best (Music); Roger Cork; Martin Styles; Bob Eade; Roger Curd; Frank Conley, 4 Unknowns. J C Booth.

Many thanks to Jack Pearson for this photograph. (9th Mar 2003).

Also Brian Hotham for identifying some names (15 Feb 2005).

Also Michael Stewart-Young (14 Sept 2009).

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