1936 Rugby (1)

RUGBY 1936

Reading from left to right.

Back Row:- M. Fuller, P. C. Coles, D. M. West, M. Smith, E. C. Mercer, D. M. Heller, D. ????, W. Moore.

Middle Row:- Mr. F. Whitehouse, A. Cadman, E. C. Pelham, (Vice-Capt.), M. Fenn (Captain), G. ????, Mr. W. E. Pearce, Mr. P. T. Brothwell.

Front Row:- N. N. Blaxland, A. W. Bromley, E. Gilham, A. Wo???

This archive has been photographed from the actual newspaper held in bound edition at the Dover local reference library, hence its quality.

If you have a better copy, please contact the webmaster using the form on the Contact Us page, stating the page address and title.

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