1949 ATC

Air Training Corps. 1949

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Following our recent exchange of e-mail on the subject of the School Archives, mainly from the “Dark Ages” of the late 1940s’, I am enclosing the photograph of the School Air Training Corps taken at Lympne Airport in 1949. for those interested in Vintage Aircraft the – one in the background is an RAF Training Command AVRO ANSON. I am afraid that the quality of the photograph is not all that it might be but no doubt it can be digitally enhanced with the appropriate equipment. I have also enclosed a Key to the photograph with as many of the names as I can remember perhaps one or two more will surface in the fullness of time.
I would appreciate the return of the photograph in due course when you hove finished with it but there is no hurry, anyway I hope that you will find it useful and possibly of some interest.

Ted Litchfield.

I can disclose that the picture was taken before the, “air experience” flights began. Afterwards some of our number were observed in the prone position clutching air sick bags and were unsuitable subjects for photography!!

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