1956? School Athletics Team

Many thanks to A W “Scotty” Gardiner for this photograph and information (19 July 2003).

Back row :- J. A. Goldsack, G. Murrell, John Allingham, D. M. ? Johnson, Alan. J. McCaig, Alistair Gardner, J. (John?) W. Ward, Ian Murton

Middle row :-???? Wright, R. (Bob) Owen, Ian J Crouch, John Prickett, Geoff Groombridge, John Dedman, Malcolm Pique, H. L. Crouch, M. J. Grieves.

Front Row :- Mr J. C. Booth, Mr. Jack Marriott, Lawrence Lees, Barry Crush, Eric “Slob” Southern,  Arthur Elliott, Mr A. S. Pitceathly

Info supplied from Bob Hopkins (1935-57) (13 Mar 2005)

Also Douglas Stark (17 Apr 2005)

Also David Wellard (15 Aug 2005)

Also Michael Northcutt 1947 to 1957 (20 Mar 2006)

Also Stuart Eaton (8 July 2006)

Also Mike Graham (53-60) (23 Feb 2007)

Also Adrian Bailey (55-57 Frith) (2 Oct 2007)

Also Alistair “Scotty” Gardiner (16 October 2021)

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