1972? Rugby

“I think must be the 1st 2nd or 3rd year school rugby team of which I was a member. It is certainly not any other sport as I was rubbish at football and there are many faces from different houses.

Top L/R: Mark Janaway, Steve Talbot (me), Kelvin Robinson, ?Dave Line?, Steve Masters, Kevin Dodd, ?Joseph Holyer?, Arthur Elliot

Middle L/R: Paul (Scotty) Wyatt, Boyd Davies, ????, ?Mark Anslow?, Russell Taylor, Andy King, Billy Plews,

Bottom: Martin Gill, Bruce Barratt, Mark (Smutley) Smith

I’m sure after think harder more names will come back to me. It’s been a long long time after all.

Cheers, Steve Talbot.”

Names also supplied by Ian Bottle (6 Feb 2005)

Also Rex Fletcher (8 Aug 2005)

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