1974 RAF



It is the CCF (RAF Section) annual camp from the seventies… (sometime around 1972 – 1975)…

I am there (standing, top-right as you look), but I cannot for the life of me remember where or when !!

It is possibly RAF Cosford, but I do remember going on about 3 annual camps,

so it could be any of them…

(The camp in 1974 was at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire (still open as an active
RAF airfield).
The young man sat directly in front of the aircraft (a Jet Provost) is Mark
Sullivan. After graduating from Swansea University Mark was employed by a
company at Tonbridge which became part of North West Water. Mark married
Janet, sister of Andrew Trollope (also at DGSB 1971-’78) and moved to
Ashford, Kent. They had two sons, Thomas and James, but sadly Mark was
killed in a road traffic accident in South Africa in September 1994. He was
thirty-four years old.
I think that the cadet sat next to Chris Templeman is Paul Flood, but I am
not 100% sure.
I hope that this is of some help, and /or interest,
Steve Rickwood)

The only people I think I recognise are:- standing to my left (2nd right top row) IAN RENSHAW,

and sitting on the floor front row directly in front of the aeroplane,

MICHAEL SPEAKMAN, but I am not 100% sure of this… (Ian Bottle says Mark SULLIVAN)

Hopefully someone will be able to remember some more details…

Best regards,
Peter Woodland ( 1970-1976 Astor)

The cadet sitting next to Chris Templeman is not Paul Flood but Trevor Pearce

Last I heard of him (about two years ago) he was the Director General of the National

Crime Squad now subsumed in the new serious and organised crime authority.

David Cartwright (16 Apr 2005)

Was it Cranwell? I remember it as Cosford, but, like Steve, I can’t
remember. I remember Steve Perry getting a flight in a V bomber, which
definitely flew from Cosford, yet the plane is a trainer and they were
prevalent at Cranwell. I recall that the group was a mixed unit formed from
DGSB and a Northumberland? CCF unit from a school that Chris Templeman had
links with. The guy on Chris Templeman’s right is indeed Trevor Pearce (son
of the renowned Mr Pearce, headmaster at River Primary) and to his right is
(I think) Ian Wallace. Below Ian Renshaw (second from right top line) is Ian
Betts. I am the fat corporal on the left of the second row (now lighter
than I was then!), and all of us on this row as far as the nose of the plane
are from Dover. As I see it, that only leaves the guy next to me to name:
I don’t think that the rest were from Dover.

Andy Sims (8 Jan 2007)
Many thanks to Ian Bottle for putting more names to faces.

Also Rex Fletcher (10 Mar 2005)

And David Cartwright (16 Apr 2005)

If you can name any of the people in the above photo, please contact the webmaster using the form on the Contact Us page, stating the page address and title.

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