1959 Thomas

“I would like to help as much as I can. I have already had a quick look at 1959 (my 3rd year) and recognise a few of the faces and some of their names. I will get back to you when I have more time to study the photos in detail and get some more of the old grey matter going. I think I may have some things in the loft which may help jog my memory.

I left in 1963 so it is somewhat of a coincidence that you’ve made contact with me “Forty years on when afar and asunder……………………..” in the words of the school song, if I remember it correctly, but I suppose that’s been long dropped, or has it? We used to sing it at Speech Day (Prize Giving) in the Town Hall.

When I lived in a small village in North Bedfordshire – it must have been around 1974’ish – I found myself to be a very near neighbour of Donald Knapp who believe it or not was my first form master in Lower 1 in 1956! How about that for a coincidence!! It transpired that after he had left Dover he went to work in Germany and then came back to the UK into quite a senior position with Bedfordshire Education Service.

Anyway, the ones I think/hope that I have identified correctly so far, in no particular, order are: etc . etc.

Bye for now,

Kind regards,

Mike Thomas.”

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