1979 Rugby Under 12’s

Back Row (Left to right):

Sean Chaffey , Jeremy Mitchinson, Mark Lindsey

Third Row: Mr Davies, Tim Pay , David Waterfield, Vince Thorpe(?), Mark Herbert, Ramón San Emeterio, Paul Morris, Jamie Sadler, Gordon Hay, Mark? “Chilly” Wilson, Phil Houghton, Martin Shepherd

Second Row: Paul Nichols, Dan Crossley, Jonathon Brazier, Russell Crew, Michael Hicks, Matthew Mann, Ralf Buddle, John Monger, Simon McBride, Paul Hewlett

Front Row: Andrew Stevens, Phil Buddle, Barry Philpott, Matthew Lorimer, Fergus Maguire, Eddie Smith

Photo and information kindly sent by John Monger (1978-85). (3 Feb 2005)

Also Matthew Lorimer. (22nd Feb 2005)

If anyone can add names to faces please Email ]]>

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians