1995 Play – “Midsummer Night’s Dream” (2)

Behind the scenes during the play. Greg Martin (did he play the Duke)?

Kindly sent by Chris Lightwing.

“Having just visited the site I was astounded to find a picture from the midsummer nights dream with my name attached under it. which says Greg Martin (did he play the Duke?).

Well it is nice to be remembered I suppose, and yes I did in fact play the Grand Duke Theseus – however what disappoints me is that the picture was of Lee Davison – and I don’t know who he played.  We were in the same form however !

Thanks for the laugh – but I would be grateful if you could correct this error – I will probably have to have counselling now – I am sure Lee wont be too pleased either!!

Good to see there are some pictures that have survived though and no I can’t remember the year – think I was in Lower Sixth so it would have been – 1995.

Kind regards,

Greg Martin”

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