1968 Gymnastics Team (1)

1???? Hinton    Colin Moore    Kirk Dugard    Rob Wilson    Colin Clarke    Ben Twist    Mick Fisher    Eddie “Harey” Hare

Mr Arthur Elliott    Alan Edwards    John “Eddie” Edwards    Ian “Guff” Luff    John Condon    Mr Peter Searle

George Middalmiss    David West    David Wills    4???? Fielding

Photograph and information kindly supplied by John Edwards (15 May 2003)

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Many thanks to Mick Fisher (3 Dec 2003) for some of the names.

Also to Eddie Hare (3 Jun 2005) who says the following:-

“With reference to your collection of Arthur Elliot’s photograps – number 63. I remember the day the photograph was taken, I just wish I could remember more of the names!

My name is Eddie Hare (Nickname ‘Harey’) and I am the person on the right in the back row – that’s the one with the mop of hair and the injured eye. The really tall guy in the middle of the back row is Clarke and to his right with the mole on his neck is (Ben?) Twist.

The middle row is A. Elliot – Alan Edwards – John Edwards (Nickname ‘Eddie’) – Ian Luff (Nickname ‘Guff’) John Condon and Peter Serle (Assistant Gym Master).

Finally here’s a good one for you – one of this group is Dr Hinton’s son . . . . But I can’t remember which one! I think it is the one in the back row on the left. I remember he was a small person and Mr Elliot was always telling him off for bouncing on the trampoline with his tongue between his teeth!

The worst thing of all is that I can’t remember the year ! I will try to dig out my copy and see if there is a date on the back.

In 1977 I founded The Raptor Centre and in more recent years have returned to the school on two occasions to lecture on Birds of Prey in the school hall. I must try and arrange another visit soon.

I don’t know if Mr Elliot remembers me but perhaps you would say hello to him from me (or just forward this E-mail). I came 6th in the Kent Schools Trampolining Championships the year it was held at Archers Court School. That year Mr Elliot took ‘Eddie’ (John Edwards), ‘Guff’ (Ian Luff) and myself to the All England Championships in his car. I remember I didn’t do very well as I couldn’t pull off the Back Cody properly. After looking closer – I don’t have a damaged eye in Mr Elliot’s photo Number 63 – it is just Mr Elliots copy of the photo has a blemish on it !”

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