1948 Play – “R.U.R.”

PLAY 1948 R.U.R.

I attach a couple of photos of the R.U.R. cast from the school production in or around 1948 (I think it’s written up in the Pharos of the relevant year.) In the one without Old Booth, I am third from the right (with bow tie), and A.A. Norman (Tony?) is seventh from the right. The ‘ladies’ may not be seeking identification…

In the larger group, I’m third row up second in from the right, while ‘Tony’ is third row up and sixth in from the right. Would your archivist be interested in the originals? If so, should they be sent to the school?

The soccer photos I have are probably house teams rather than school teams (Country House, as I recall). Is this too low down on the totem pole to be of interest?

Thoroughly enjoying going over the stuff…you’ve done a remarkable job. One of my best buds was a bloke called Gordon Killip (“Kipper”)…saw his ugly mug in one of the photos for the first time in 50 years!

So in return I’ve made a small contribution to the Old Pharosians pot; looking forward to delving in again on a rainy weekend.

Best wishes,

Mike Grover

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