1978 Rugby

Photo by Mr. J P Saynor

Kindly leant by Dr. Alan French (9th May 2003)

Information by Mark Ian Smithard (10 Oct 2009):- “4th on the right hand line (3rd behind Noddy Grant!) is my big brother David Smithard. He is a Consultant in Geriatric and Stroke Medicine, and heads up Stroke Medicine Research.”

“Looks like Malcolm Grant is on right at front, behind him Steve Bailey, Brian “Basher” Quin, then as you point out, David Smithard, an unknown, and Dave “Caveman” Murray. Afraid I don’t know the rest. Although is the back one Keith Chambers?” Paul Skelton.

“In the Rugby 1978 picture…on the left second back from the front is Neil McClusky then John Ratcliff …right at the back top of the picture is Martin Michael…I was playing outside centre in that game for the team on the right. I am out of picture….I will take a look again…to see if I can recognise Mr Chambers….” Rex Fletcher.

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