1978 Play – “The Fire Raisers” (1)

Does anyone remember any of those shown above? If so I would be interested to hear from you.

I can name a couple… there’s Paul Beecham, left hand side, middle row and Dean Chatburn bottom row far right.

“Regarding the ‘Fire Raisers’ photo, here are the names for you…

Back row left is Byron Chatburn in heavy make up and veil as Frau Knechtling (an old lady)
The firemen at the back from left to right are Rodney Haddrell, Peter Wicks, Steve Covell, KeithTolputt and Robin Bulow.

Don’t know the bloke in the grey jumper, but next to him is Karen Alder from the girls grammar as the maid and then Robert Dale on the end who was stage manager…(possibly the guy in grey jumper was his assistant Michale Slater?)

Middle row from left is indeed Paul Beecham (in charge of lighting), then Simon Marples as Herr Biedermann, Adrian Hodges as Schmitz a fire raiser, then me with foot over table as Eisenring (another fire raiser) then Siobhan Doran from the girls Grammar school as Frau Biedermann.

Can’t recall name of bloke front row left in white, but second is Peter Marsh, then Billy Newman, Roger Lewis, Nick Cooper, can’t place the guy in the school tie, but far right is Dean Chatburn.

Steve Walker.”

“The person in the white shirt on the bottom left (as we look at the photo) is me, Martin Dench. Peter Marsh is indeed sitting on my left. (I have no idea why I was showing my leg….).”

Martin Dench (1 Oct 2008)

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