1964 Rugby Under 14’s

1 “Tiny” Hall    2 Dom McHugh    3 Dave Parkin    4 Alan Rainsley    5 David Brazier    6 John Kilmurray

1 Mickey Daniels    2 Ashley Brown    3 David Cable    4Paul Robinson    5 Barry Mills    6 John Williams    7 Pete Flood    8 Stuart Elgar

1 Dai Comber    2 Ian Luff    3????    4 Graham Ritchie    5 Fred Marsh    6 John Dutton    7 Dr Hinton

Added by Barry Mills 6 June 2003: “Trunky Page and his merry band from 1964.”

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Many thanks to John Linge (8 Feb 2004) for naming some of the above.

Also to Stuart Eaton (19 July 2004).

And Stuart Elgar (1 Mar 2005):  “The unnamed guy standing on the left is ‘Tiny’ Hall: so called because of his height. The guys in the back row are standing on a bench; he is standing on the floor.”

Amendment by Peter Ritchie 1996-72 (17 Apr 2006): “Not sure how he got labelled as Dick Ritchie, but the capt. of that 1964 U14 rugby team was my brother Graham Ritchie. He died in a motor bike accident in 1972 in New Zealand.”

From John Williams (8 Sept 2016):
“I am shown in the photo. I am not sure, like Peter Ritchie, how Graham got his nickname “Dick”. But that is definitely what we called him. I was saddened to hear he was killed in New Zealand is what I heard. “Tiny” Hall and Alan Rainsley (known as “Lulu”) were a great second row team – both towering over the opposition in the lineouts!”

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