1946 Football 2nd XI

FOOTBALL 1946 2nd XI

Back row (l to r ): Belsey (D), Watkins, Stock, Simpson, Belsey (E), Hedgecock.
Front row (l to r ): Mr J C Booth, Dampier, Simmonds, Eade, Crouch, Cain, Mr D R Butcher.

Team line-up ( might be of interest):-


                                                           Cain                       Simpson

                                                   Dampier             Eade          Watkins

                            Belsey(D)      Simmonds       Belsey(E)       Hedgecock     Crouch

 A note on the back of the original photo says  ” Undefeated!”

Derek Belsey (24th Mar 2003)

Photo taken by Lambert Weston of Folkestone.

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