1953 Bob Willis

Hello Again,

Here are some of the names I remember but cannot put faces to, I’m fairly sure that they all went to D.G.S.B., but the last two that may be a year later.

Dave Barnet,- Tony (chunky) Summers,- Perry Dixon,- Lou Redknap,- Danny Da Costa (schoolboy boxing champ)- Gordon ? West,- Dave? Parsons,- Nobby? Clark, (joined Marines)- Terry Kidd,- Peter Piddock- & Polly? Perkins.

As you will see from the question marks, in some instances I’m not 100 percent sure of their first names, or only remember their nicknames.

If only the mind was as good as the eyes, but as the school song says:- 40 years on, and then some. At least it works some of the time! I hope these names will jog someone else’s memory.

Best regards,
Bob Willis.

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