1972 Cricket

(Scorer ???? Beale?)    Nick Bloor    A Banks    Steve Oxenham    Graham Bodell    Robin Hastie    Roger Crisp Esq

Kevin Redsull    Robin Kennett    Jim Sherrell    Derek Towe    Richard Gretton    Phil Pratt    R. C. COLMAN

Many thanks to Nick Bloor for this photo. (16 June 2003)

Thanks to Charlie Hedgecock for adding names to those unknown. (26 June 2003).

Thanks to Nick Taylor for putting names to faces. (30 June 2003)

More information kindly supplied by Mike Harrison. (13 Sept 2004)

Also Graham Bodell. (21 Oct 2004)

If anyone should know any names of the players, please contact ]]>

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians