1955 Play – “Androcles and the Lion”


I thought you might be interested in the attached photo of the school production of “Androcles and the Lion” of December 1955, as reported in The Pharos, No.121, Spring 1956. I played Androcles and the Lion was played by Douglas Constable (known as Dougal).

Douglas and I can also be seen on the recently included school photo for 1955-6. We are in Segment 1. I am on the far left, 4th row down, and Douglas is on my right.

I also was a member of the Puppet Club (The Pharos No.122, Autumn 1956). I wonder what happened to all the puppets. As we made quite a few of them ourselves, maybe they have all disintegrated by now!

Peter Edwards (2nd Apr 2003).

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Old Pharosians

Old Pharosians