1963 Cricket Under12

Top row:- 1 Paul Skingle    2 Pete Flood    3 Tony? Warren    4 Ian Bowyer    5 Alan Goodwin    6 Barry Mills    7 John Meeham    8 Ashley Brown

Bottom row:- 1 Angus?/Alex? Pitceathley    2 Malcolm Durrant    3 Alan Beedon    4 Dominic McHugh    5 M G Hinton “The Baron”

Added by Barry Mills and downloaded from Friends Reunited on 30/01/2003

The cricket team for the same year as Paul Skingles football team, can you recognise the real sportsmen?? I bet the door to the Tower is still there!

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Many thanks to Stuart Eaton (4 Jan 2004) for naming some of the above.

Also John Linge (8 Feb 2004).

Also Malcolm Durrant (23 July 2005).

Also Alan Goodwin (30 June 2009).

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