1986 6th Form

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Photo passed to me via Dr Peter Burville, who say he has quite a few of these photos, so should anyone like a copy, they can have one by sending an SAE to him at the school address, with of course the Pharosians Membership Form, filled in and Cheque if they are not already a member of The Old Pharosians.

Many thanks to Guy Dixon for naming some of the faces. (14 July 2004)

Also Mark Carlton. (1 Mar 2007)

Front row:-
“No 1 Nicholas DUNKLEY”
“No 2 Chris NEWALL”
“No 3 Mr Ian BIRD”
“No 4 Headmaster Mr Reg COLMAN”
“No 5 Mr Don PAGE”
“No 6 Simon HOJKA”
“No 7 Chris HOLMES”
“No 8 Francisco VILLATORO”

Second row:-
“No 9 Mark CARLTON”
“No 10 Richard FICKEN”
“No 11 John PAIN”
“No 12 David NEDHAM”
“No 13 Stephen WADEY”
“No 14 Unknown”
“No 15 Unknown”
“No 16 Unknown”
“No 17 Nigel BAINBRIDGE”

Back row:-
“No 18 Paul KLUKA”
“No 19 Mark PALMER”
“No 20 Unknown”
“No 21 Mike HOLLOBON”
“No 22 Robert NEIL”
“No 23 Sean SCULLION”

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