1949 Rugby (1)

RUGBY 1949

Back row (l to r): Stevens, Ayling, Pain, Rooks (vice-capt.), Norman, Crouch, Jenkins, Simmonds.
Middle row (l to r): Mr T E Archer, Carran, Miskin,, Belsey (capt.), Wright, Grabham, Mr J C Booth,
Front row (l to r): Kremer, Storey, Evans.

Hi Paul,
Rugby this time – 1949 1st XV

This seems to conflict with the 1949-50 1st XV photo that you already have on the website. I think perhaps the confusion may come about since, as I recall it, we used to play Soccer (Football) in the first winter term (i.e. before Christmas) and Rugby in the second term. I believe that this may have been because in those days there weren’t enough other school teams in the district to provide full fixture lists for both winter terms. This applied especially to Rugby, which we had got hooked on during our years in Ebbw Vale. However, the situation might have changed towards the end of 1949 so that Rugby could be played before and after Christmas – hence the 1949-50 1st XV.

Derek Belsey. (26th Mar 2003).

Photo taken by Lambert Weston of Folkestone.

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