1977 Play – “The Royal Hunt of the Sun” – Programme

CAST in order of appearance

Old Martin – Stephen Overy

Young Martin – Simon Pearson

Francisco Pizarro – Robert Dale
General of Spain

Hernando De Soto – Mark Janaway
Second in Command

Fray Vincente de Valverde – Adrian Hodges

Salinas – Byron Chatburn
a blacksmith

Rodas – Gregory Foster
a tailor

Vasca – Ian Carter

Domingo – Andy Stokes

Juan Chavez – Tim Falconer

Pedro Chavez – Michael Murphy
Spanish Villagers

Diego – Dave Pudney
Master of Horse

Felipillo – Ian Fuggle
a Peruvian Slave

Fray Marcos de Nizza – Philip Henderson

Pedro de Candia – Steven Bawden
a Venetian

Miguel Estete – Simon Carter
Royal Veedor

Atahuallpa – Terry Deal
Sovereign Inca of Peru

Villac Umu – Andrew Harris
the High Priest

Challcuchima – Peter Wicks
Inca General

Manco – Adrian Vine
a messenger

Indian Chieftain – Robin Bulow

Indian Headman – Simon McGregor

Incas –

David Hogg
Kevin Black
John Walder
Geoffrey Dale
Tony Henderson
Marcus Anderson
Andrew Hedgecock
Jonathan Hayward
Robert Soan
John Boath
Andrew Mercer
Gregory Somerville
Geoffrey Henderson
Richard Lester
Andrew Carter
Steve Howard

Spanish Soldiers –

Andrew Jarvis
Stuart Condon
Paul Bradley
Mark Smith
Simon Heath
Stuart Lund
David Winter
Peter Stone

TIME June 1529 – August 1533

PLACE Apart from two early scenes in Trujillo, Spain and Panama, the play is set in the Upper Province of the Inca Empire – what is now South Ecuador and North-West Peru. The whole of Act 2 takes place in the Inca town of Cajamarca.


Interval during which refreshments will be served.


Lighting – Simon Marples

Paul Beecham

Gerald Oates

Sound – Peter Bennett

William Newman

Costumes – Mrs Danielle Middleton

Mr Donald Coombey

Mrs Mary Quinton

Scenic Design – Gary Davidson

Douglas Williams

Stage Management – Frank Green

Kevin Raine

Martin Catt

Alastair Wilkinson

Keith Howell

Robert Hall

Stephen Rickwood

Make Up – Mr Nick Middleton

Michael Nunn

Front of House – Norman Kaufman

Peter Scriven

Programme – Kelvin Carter


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