1969 Rugby 2nd Year

Ernie Travers    Paul Pilcher    Rod Laird    Peter Theobald    Robert Miller

Stuart Reilly    Martyn Roberts    Ian Cross    Jerry Landman    Tim Hunnisett    Nick Bloor    7????    Peter Searle

Steve Goodsell    Peter Mole    Peter Norris    David Graham    Cliff Dugard    Graham House    ?Steve Cann?

Many thanks to Nick Bloor for this photo. (16 June 2003)

Thanks to Charlie Hedgecock for adding names to those unknown. (26 June 2003).

Thanks also to Veronica Reilly for pointing out an error, now amended. She says that Stuart had broken his leg prior to the photo being taken, so that’s why he was without kit and looking miserable. (5 Aug 2004).

Thanks also to Ernie Travers (23 Sept 2013)

if you know any names of the players, please contact the webmaster using the form on the Contact Us page, stating the page address and title.

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