1959 Rubgy (n)

BACK ROW:- John Beer, 2????, Michael Grigsby, John Kinnaird, Wally Nadin

MIDDLE ROW: Jack Pearson, Jack Castle, Mick Hunt, John Cairns, Mick Smith, Chris Boys, John Ludlum, Dave Fairclough.

FRONT ROW: Mr Arthur Elliott, Joe Hodgkinson, Michael Woodruff, Geoffrey Alvey, Keith Shinfield, Billy Glanville, Mr J C Booth.

Many thanks for names from Douglas Stark (17 Apr 2005)

Bob Eade (21 Feb 2006)

Please note, this is almost the same photo as No 49.

Thanks also to John Kinnaird (25 Sept 06) who says:- “The only team to beat us were some coalminers from Snowden!”

If you have any further photos or know any names, please contact the webmaster using the form on the Contact Us page, stating the page address and title.

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Old Pharosians