1946 Play – “Aladdin” (2)

1946 ALADDIN Pantomime ALADDIN Dover County School for Boys 1946. Many thanks to John Talbot for this photograph. The script was written by Mr R M Ashford who was a master at the school. Music by the School orchestra and School choir. (Thanks to Frazer Imrie for this information.)

1946 School

1946 DOVER COUNTY GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR BOYS. JULY 1946 The pictures contain “HOT SPOTS”. Please click on different portions of photograph to enlarge. Details of each person in the photograph will be found by running the cursor over the faces. If you should know any details of any people shown in the photographs, we would...

1946 Play – “Title unknown”

?1946? UNKNOWN PLAY Photo kindly supplied by Jack Kremer (1 May 2005) If you have any further information about this photo, please contact the webmaster using the form on the Contact Us page, stating the page address and title. Paul Skelton

1946 Football Junior

FOOTBALL 1946 2nd XI Jack Kreemer (8 March 2016) Photo taken by Lambert Weston of Folkestone.

1946 Football 1st XI

FOOTBALL 1946 W. A. SKELTON.    C. K. J. SHARP.    J. P. ROOKS.    J. D. BUTLER.    D. C. MOORE.    D. S. NURNEY. J. C. BOOTH, Esq.    F. ALLEN.    A. EDGINGTON.    P. C. D. ALEXANDER.    A. C. GALLAGHER.    V. E. CARR.    K. H. RUFFELL, Esq. 

1946 Rugby

RUGBY 1946 B. C. RAMPE.    L. CULVER. P. BELSEY.    D. TOMPKINS.    W. E. COLLARD.    D. F. CLAYTON.    C. C. BAILEY.    F. PEPPER.    D. F. CROUCH. J. C. BOOTH, Esq.    A. REAY.    W. GILL.    R. D. LANGFORD.    J. BROWN.    R. C. COLLINS.    T. E. ARCHER, Esq. J. MOORCROFT.    A. EDGINGTON.    J. D. BUTLER.    P. C. D....

1946 Football 2nd XI

FOOTBALL 1946 2nd XI Back row (l to r ): Belsey (D), Watkins, Stock, Simpson, Belsey (E), Hedgecock. Front row (l to r ): Mr J C Booth, Dampier, Simmonds, Eade, Crouch, Cain, Mr D R Butcher. Team line-up ( might be of interest):-                                                                            Stock                                                            Cain                       Simpson                                                    Dampier             Eade          Watkins                             Belsey(D)     ...

1946 RAF Upwood 01

RAF UPWOOD SUMMER 1946 Photo kindly supplied by Bill Collard  who says:- The School Flight we formed part of the Dover Squadron commanded by Flt. Lt. Gates. Neither of our C.O.’s was up to camping and we were cared for by another squadron at Upwood!

1946 RAF Upwood 02

RAF UPWOOD SUMMER 1946 The School Flight are L to R  :- Back Row –   Barrie Kendall, Peter Steggles, Les. Steggles, Bill Collard, Denis Tomkins and ? Peacock. Centre – Eddie Venables,  ? Edge Seated –  Dick Langford (Flt Sgt), Peter Belsey (Sgt.) Front -Jack(?) Davidson Photo kindly supplied by Bill Collard who says:- The squadron photo commanded...

1946 Play – “Aladdin” (1)

1946 ALADDIN Pantomime ALADDIN Dover County School for Boys 1946. Many thanks to John Talbot for this photograph and details. John writes:- “I believe this to be the first school production after the evacuation and re-occupation of the school on the hill. On the photo above the one in the top hat is Denis Weaver...

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